Why Anna Sedokova Never Found A Husband

Why Anna Sedokova Never Found A Husband
Why Anna Sedokova Never Found A Husband

Video: Why Anna Sedokova Never Found A Husband

Video: Анна Седокова и Миша Крупин - Небезопасно 2022, December

Singer Anna Sedokova has succeeded on all fronts: she is a popular artist, ex-soloist of the VIA Gra group, actress and mother of three children. Anna has an excellent figure, is always well-groomed and loves spectacular outfits. But for some reason, the personal Sedokova does not add up. Why has the 35-year-old star never found the man of her dreams?

For the first time, Anna got married at 22. Her chosen one was Valentin Belkevich, a footballer who played for Dynamo Kiev. For Anna's sake, he left his common-law spouse, with whom he lived for several years. In this marriage, Sedokova had a daughter, Alina. Alas, the marriage quickly fell apart. Anna, having left VIA Gra, wanted to continue her career as a singer and perform solo, for which she needed funds. The husband, who saw in his wife the mistress of the house, but not the artist, refused to support Anna. As a result, two years later, the family ceased to exist.

Seven years later, the singer married again. This time, her husband was businessman Maxim Chernyavsky, with whom she settled in the United States. Anna had another daughter, Monica. But again, a couple of years after the wedding, a divorce followed. There were rumors about Maxim's numerous betrayals, but his relatives reproached Anna for greed and love of money. Now the couple is fighting for the right to raise Monica.

In April 2017, Anna Sedokova gave birth to a son, Hector, keeping her father's name a secret for a long time. Later it turned out that the baby appeared as a result of an affair between Anna and businessman Artem Komarov. Why the lovers did not get married and whether Sedokova can find the other half, find out from the video.

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