What Marilyn Monroe Really Died From

What Marilyn Monroe Really Died From
What Marilyn Monroe Really Died From

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According to the official version, the legendary actress and idol of millions, Marilyn Monroe, died of an overdose of drugs. More than half a century has passed since the tragedy, but to this day many people put forward theories according to which it becomes obvious that Monroe did not die of her own free will.

According to one version, the CIA dealt with the actress - in this way it wanted to increase its influence on the Kennedy clan. According to another version, a significant role in the death of Monroe was played by Robert Kennedy, who was extremely afraid that the public would find out about his affair with Marilyn. This version was actively promoted by many biographers, in particular Frank Capell in his book The Strange Death of Marilyn Monroe. However, Capella's theory was based solely on his own arguments and suspicions. In contrast to the work of Anthony Scaduto: in his article, based on several influential sources, he cited convincing evidence that indicates that Monroe really died through the fault of Robert Kennedy. They decided to eliminate Monroe because she knew too much classified information about politics.

In addition, many people blamed the death of the actress on the mafia. For example, in his book Marilyn: The End of the Rainbow, Darwin Porter promotes the idea that the star was killed by one of the mafia bosses who were subordinate to the Kennedy clan. The reason is the fear that the public will find out about the president's affair.

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