Cemetery Worker: "Nobody Takes Land From Nachalova's Grave!"

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Cemetery Worker: "Nobody Takes Land From Nachalova's Grave!"
Cemetery Worker: "Nobody Takes Land From Nachalova's Grave!"

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Almost three months have passed since the death of the singer Yulia Nachalova. But talk about her does not subside for a minute. Information appeared on the Internet that fans made a pilgrimage to the grave of a star - they say, they take earth from it, which is then added to tea and food. According to information that appeared on the Web, people believed in the healing power and magical energy of the earth from the cemetery. We decided to sort out this strange story and find out what is really going on there.

17th section

Troekurovskoye cemetery is considered one of the most "prestigious" in Moscow. The cost of a place in a cemetery starts at one million rubles! Many Russian actors, politicians and servicemen are buried here. The 17th section is located in the depths of the park. There are many fresh graves of unknown people, whose fences are tightly adjacent to each other. The burial of Nachalova does not stand out among them. It was possible to find him only thanks to the help of a cemetery worker.

Silence, peace and complete absence of fans. Only fresh flowers - white roses and carnations - on Nachalova's grave indicate that sometimes someone comes here. The icon of Matrona and church candles, teddy bears, photographs of the singer covered by fans are striking.

There are no traces of desecration of the grave or of the ruts from the fact that someone is gaining ground from here.

A talkative employee of the Troekurovsky cemetery said that he had heard about this for the first time and said that fans came to Nachalova's grave, but not as often as they write about it on the Web.

- There is nobody excitement! You are the first here this day,”he said.

- But social networks write that fans are stealing land and desecrating Nachalova's grave - I began.

- There are a lot of things they write on the Internet. And we work here and have not noticed anything like this, - said my interlocutor.

Who benefits from such rumors

As we found out, according to requests on Instagram for the tag "Yulia Nachalova" in recent publications, there are many announcements about removing damage and the evil eye. Magicians promise to return love, cure incurable diseases, and help to marry successfully. Conventional marketing.



We promote the topic and understand that psychics, magicians and sorcerers are trying to cash in on it - people whose "profession" is to earn money for those who are desperate and childishly believe in miracles. It turns out that the fake stuffing generates a commercial offer.

Why Julia Nachalova?

Julia Nachalova will be remembered by all of us as a charming, smiling girl who appeared in the "Morning Star" program. She left too early and by tragic coincidence. So it was with the American star Marilyn Monroe, the British princess Diana, Russian stars: Zhanna Friske, Decl and now with Nachalova.

It is no secret that Yulia's career and personal life has not been very successful lately. With the hit “A Hero of Not My Novel,” the singer traveled around the country. Julia agreed to perform for only 100 thousand rubles. For comparison, the fee of the same Coin is 10 times more.

Yulia Nachalova, of course, is a talented performer, she kept afloat in the domestic show business with all her might, but still was not as popular as she could. Despite this, the artist was loved. Julia was remembered by both colleagues and fans as a person who always reacted sincerely to everything, did not participate in squabbles and gossip. And this is impressive.

The star of Julia was made by dad - composer Viktor Nachalov, who believed in the vocal abilities of his child. Soon, thanks to enormous hard work and perseverance, the whole country learned about the young singer. Then the gifted girl grew up. What happens to geeks when they grow up? They become ordinary people. But not Nachalova.Since childhood, she dreamed of a career as a singer, so she continued to engage in creativity.

The excitement around the death of the singer is also caused by the fact that the charismatic young artist died in an instant. The morning star has gone out. Her gentle voice still sounds in the heads of fans. Paradox, but only after the death of Nachalova gained the popularity that she dreamed of. And even if not on stage, but on the Web.

We will remind, the star died on the evening of March 16 in a Moscow clinic. The cause of the death of the 38-year-old celebrity was acute heart failure, provoked by chronic diseases - gout and diabetes. No one could have thought that a banal callus on his leg would turn into a terrible tragedy. The exhausted body of Yulia Nachalova will not survive the operation.

Then there will be scandals with the inheritance and funeral at the Troekurovsky cemetery. Rumors spread that the star had a difficult time with money, so the farewell to the star was postponed several times. As a result, Nachalova was buried only five days later and on the outskirts of the famous cemetery.

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