How Handsome 80s And 90s Look Today

How Handsome 80s And 90s Look Today
How Handsome 80s And 90s Look Today

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In the late eighties and early nineties, the domestic cinema was replenished with a galaxy of handsome young actors. Both young girls and mature ladies dreamed about them, they were idolized and dreamed of a fleeting meeting. What do these gorgeous men look like today?

1. Dmitry Kharatyan, 58 years old. A rare girl did not cry, looking at the romantic Alyosha Korsak in the TV series "Midshipmen, Go!", Which was played by a charming blond. Three decades later, Dmitry is still in good shape and continues to actively act in films.

2. Alexander Domogarov, 55 years old. The third part of "Midshipmen", "The Countess de Monsoreau" and "March of the Turkish" would not have taken place without the charismatic and bright Alexander. Today he has slightly lost his attractiveness, and alcohol abuse has not gone unnoticed. Nevertheless, Domogarov continues to work in cinema and theater.

3. Vladimir Shevelkov, 57 years old. Vladimir was made popular by the same "Midshipmen, Forward!" After Shevelkov leaned towards directing and was engaged in the creation of commercials. Now Vladimir occasionally acts in films, directs films and hosts TV programs.

4. Sergey Zhigunov, 55 years old. Another star that broke out after the historical series about midshipmen. Time has not changed anything in Sergei's life: he is a sought-after actor, director and producer.

Oleg Menshikov, Vladimir Mashkov, Marat Basharov are the same idols of millions as they were twenty years ago. What are they doing today?

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