Timur Batrutdinov Revealed Sexual Preferences

Timur Batrutdinov Revealed Sexual Preferences
Timur Batrutdinov Revealed Sexual Preferences

Video: Timur Batrutdinov Revealed Sexual Preferences

Video: Prof. Timur Kuran on "The Portal", Episode #004: "The Economics of Revolution and Mass Deception." 2022, November

The showman admitted that sex is not always a joy for him.

One of the most enviable bachelors of Russia, Timur Batrutdinov, made a resounding confession: as it turned out, the showman does not always enter into a relationship out of personal sympathy.

Timur is known for his secrecy about his personal life, and is in no hurry to publish his friends. A few years ago, a comedy show resident tried his luck on a project where girls fought for his heart, but the relationship with the winner did not work out. And just recently, Timur made a statement that many of his relationship problems come from his unwillingness to offend the girl, and therefore he has to agree to have sex with the fair sex, who do not cause him strong attraction. A kind of pity sex: “My main problem is to offend a girl. I am afraid sometimes to my own detriment. In my life there have been many such meetings out of pity. And there was sex out of pity, yes. " Timur admitted that he is a lover of exotic things and, in general, a “female gourmet”.

To the frequent question why Timur still does not tie the knot, the comedian honestly admitted that he does not believe in sincere love from girls.

Is sex without feelings really safe?

Meanwhile, the so-called mercy sex is gaining momentum. This process can be defined as "sex out of pity, and not out of love or because of a feeling of passion that has arisen."

Many girls and guys honestly admit that at least once in their lives they "helped" acquaintances who are less successful in their intimate life in this way. However, it is worth remembering that by having sex out of pity, you will only inflict more trauma on the person by hitting self-esteem.

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