Petrosyan Took His Beloved To The Theater

Petrosyan Took His Beloved To The Theater
Petrosyan Took His Beloved To The Theater

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Video: Е. Петросян - монолог "Деревенщина" (1995) 2022, December

Evgeny Petrosyan and Tatyana Brukhunova stopped hiding their relationship in public. The pair reappeared together at the theatrical premiere.

The People's Artist and his assistant Tatyana Brukhunova were captured by secular photographers together at the premiere of the play "Sailor's Silence", which returned to the repertoire, after which the leading actor Vladimir Mashkov did not hold back tears. Petrosyan and Brukhunova behaved like an ordinary couple, trying not to attract too much attention. On her Instagram, the girl shared her impressions of what she saw.

“What a happy day today! "Sailor's silence". It cannot be appreciated! Delight!"

- wrote Tatiana, separately noting the image of Mashkov.

“In my opinion, Vladimir Lvovich's gray hair only paints. It gives it charm and stateliness,”Petrosyan's companion responded.

After Evgeny Petrosyan officially filed for divorce from Elena Stepanenko, Brukhunova opened her profile on the social network for subscribers and regularly shares news from life. The comedian's assistant shares breakfast photos, cosmetic recommendations, impressions of theatrical premieres. You can often see Yevgeny Petrosyan and Tatyana Brukhunova - they attend several premieres a week.

On her Instagram page, Tatyana introduces herself as a stylist and an inveterate theater-goer.

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