Nyusha's Sister Wanders Homeless

Nyusha's Sister Wanders Homeless
Nyusha's Sister Wanders Homeless

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Celebrities are mostly not gambling people at all. They proved this once again during the first Russian sports and bookmaking prize BR Awards. While the participants talked about their earnings, the stars complained: they only have to dream of big winnings.


Nyusha's sister - Russian synchronized swimmer Maria Shurochkina - said that she had never played in a casino. The sportswoman always bypasses the "one-armed bandits" by the tenth way, because she believes that money should be earned exclusively through work.

- I got to Las Vegas at the age of 20, and there you can play in the casino only from the age of 21, - said 23-year-old Maria. - So I just walked, watched people. When I was little, I played lotto for money with my family - grandparents. Of course, I was striving for victory, but she bypassed me in every possible way. But, as they say, unlucky in games - lucky in love. I believe in it. I played chess for the last time with my grandpa, first of all I wanted to prove to myself that I am smart and can beat him, use different moves, navigate in space. As a child, I played with dolls with my sister.

The athlete admitted to our correspondents that she now dreams of a large amount of money in order to buy her own apartment.

- I have a lot of ideas about housing, - said Masha. - A large amount of money will be spent on decorating an apartment, because details are very important to me. Comfort still costs money. Now I am in the stage of finding an apartment. It shouldn't be big, but it should have a certain atmosphere and energy. I imagine sloping ceilings, some kind of triangular walls. I am looking for something like that.

Valdis Pelsh, who became the host of the event, admitted not without bitterness that he was mediocre at various rates.

“Moreover, I am passionate: I get carried away and start getting angry,” says 51-year-old Valdis. - And in this matter, firstly, cold calculation is needed, and secondly, knowledge. I do not consider myself a person who understands sports. But once in Antarctica we won pretty well - two crates of whiskey.

It happened during a motor rally across Antarctica. Many skeptics were spinning at their temples when the presenter talked about his intention to go by car across the entire continent. Among such distrustful ones were those who decided to make a bet with a famous TV personality.

“Nobody believed in me at all,” Pelsh continues. - All polar explorers said: "It's impossible, you fools!" But we went through the entire continent without refueling, taking fuel and food at Novolazarevskaya station and only 34 days later reaching Progress station. Nobody has ever done this! On the way, we passed the Pole of Inaccessibility, the South Pole and the Pole of Cold. We were twice overwhelmed. Antarctica is the highest continent on our planet. The average height is 3000 meters. We had to lift the load and continue walking along the ice shell of Antarctica. And we did it. Those who did not believe in us were severely punished - they gave us two crates of whiskey. For me, this is the most valuable prize in my life, because whiskey is gold in Antarctica.

Ruslan Nigmatulin, a famous football player, participant of the World Cup as part of the Russian national team, retired from his sports career ten years ago. Now he is a TV presenter, DJ and an expert of a bookmaker company. True, he himself never puts his hard-earned money on sports, since in the past he had a sad experience in playing for money.

- Since I make expert assessments for sports, I should always have a cool head, - the 44-year-old athlete is sure. - I prefer to play real outdoor games. But to be completely honest, in 1995 in the Metelitsa casino I lost a very large sum of money. Then you could buy a good foreign car with it. After that, I don't even think about easy money. Even when I was in Las Vegas, I didn't go to any casinos.But I really like to make expert assessments, because I do not play for my own.

In addition to work, the athlete is busy raising two sons - Ruslan and Marcel, whom his wife Elena gave him. The children of the football player have already decided on the main activities in life.

- Our eldest plays football in Miami, - Ruslan shares. - And the youngest is a musician. Graduated from music school, piano.

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