Oleg Gazmanov Showed How He Looked At The Age Of 17

Oleg Gazmanov Showed How He Looked At The Age Of 17
Oleg Gazmanov Showed How He Looked At The Age Of 17

Video: Oleg Gazmanov Showed How He Looked At The Age Of 17

Video: Oleg Gazmanov Showed How He Looked At The Age Of 17
Video: Олег Газманов 2023, March

And he told about the beginning of the creative path.

The famous singer Oleg Gazmanov decided to please fans with archival photographs. The artist has been on stage for 50 years. But, of course, he does not forget how his creative career began. Oleg Gazmanov at the age of 17 already performed in one of the most popular bands of that time "Atlantic". And at the same time he was gaining knowledge at a music school. Oleg Gazmanov showed several pictures when he was just starting his creative activity.

“How awesome it is to be so young”, “You can recognize you only by your smile!”, “Cool! Such a cutie "," Oleg, dear! Have not changed at all!”,“You always have a smile on your face, you are the most positive artist,”comment fans on Instagram.

Note that Oleg Gazmanov still performs a lot on stage. The artist has a very busy touring schedule. He can't even devote enough time to family and friends. Of course, his eldest son Rodion is not offended by his father. From childhood he was accustomed to the tour of the famous dad. In addition, Rodion himself has a lot of work. And just the shooting of the program on Channel One helped him once again meet with Oleg Gazmanov.

“Good people, a good dad raised an excellent son”, “What are you cool and real Gazmanovs…. Goosebumps”, “Here, and I kept thinking, when will dad come to the studio”, “You have a wonderful dad! "," Meet more often, when there is an opportunity, please each other for many years) ", - comment fans on Instagram.

Recall that the eldest son of Oleg Gazmanov became not only a famous singer, actor, but also began working as a TV presenter. Rodion talked about this on his personal blog. The son of Oleg Gazmanov is now broadcasting the morning program “Today. The day begins. " Where did the famous artist himself come.

Note that in a recent interview with Letidor, Rodion Gazmanov talked about his relationship with his father, criticism from others and her influence on creativity.

The famous singer shared his memories that Oleg Mikhailovich was always demanding of himself and his loved ones. But today Rodion Gazmanov is sure that criticism of the star father helps him to improve.

According to Rodion, his father was especially worried about him when, after a long break, he decided to take up music again:

The wife of the famous singer delighted fans with touching footage from the family archive. She showed pictures of the famous husband with their daughter. The star mom admitted that now Marianne is practically not forced to take a picture as well. The girl will turn 15 in December, and, apparently, the singer's daughter is unhappy with her appearance. The wife of Oleg Gazmanov is sure that everything will pass with age, and Marianna realizes what a beauty she was born. Although fans of the star family are already delighted with the external data of their daughter.

By the way, in the summer, Oleg Gazmanov's wife published a tender photo of their common daughter, taken during a photo shoot. The frame was to the liking of her subscribers, and many were delighted with the beauty of the girl.

“Incredible beauty ️”, “If she is so beautiful now, how beautiful will she be at 18? "," Incredible "," Very beautiful children, like mom and dad ️ "," Wonderful child. "," Gorgeous beauty "- subscribers could not resist enthusiastic comments.

Indeed, Oleg and Marina Gazmanov have very beautiful children. Not only Marianna amazes with her appearance, but also her brothers - the eldest son of the singer Rodion and the son of Marina from her first marriage, Philip. The latter is now actively involved in the modeling business.

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