Uspenskaya: "Haipyu Because Of My Daughter's Illness!"

Uspenskaya: "Haipyu Because Of My Daughter's Illness!"
Uspenskaya: "Haipyu Because Of My Daughter's Illness!"

Video: Uspenskaya: "Haipyu Because Of My Daughter's Illness!"

Video: Успенская отправила дочь в клинику после ее крика о помощи 2022, November

The only daughter of Lyuba Uspenskaya, Tatyana Plaksina, cannot recover from her injuries as a result of falling from a bicycle. The other day, 31-year-old Tatiana underwent her fourth operation in a year. Doctors do not give any predictions, so the girl even fell into depression.

Tatiana Plaksina fell off a bicycle on vacation in Costa Rica. As a result, doctors diagnosed her with a fracture of the jaw in two places. Then Plaksin was miraculously saved. Ouspenskaya's daughter was treated in Switzerland, but has now returned to Moscow.

“Today she has already undergone the fourth operation in a row,” says Lyubov Zalmanovna. - For this purpose, a professor came from London. He said it would take at least a month and a half to recover from the operation. When I left home, Tatiana was after anesthesia. She is very nervous, worried about what is happening. We all hope for the best.

"Queen of Chanson" created the best conditions for my daughter. She now lives in her luxurious country house. Uspenskaya has equipped her mansion with the latest equipment, she even has her own beauty salon. But Tatiana is not at all happy with such benefits.

- Tanya's mood is not very good, - the star continues. - While she is here, we are waiting for everything to heal. This is a very difficult process. Tanya now even eats almost nothing. She is allowed only soups.

Tatiana hopes that she will soon be able to return to Thailand, where she has recently lived. She doesn't like Russia too much.

- In Thailand, the climate is very good: a lot of sun, a lot of vitamin D, - says the star. - Tatyana lives in a luxurious place, what unsanitary conditions? Are you laughing? How can I allow my daughter to sit in unsanitary conditions? Yes, I will give my life for her!

Previously, Tatiana was fond of creativity. At one time she painted denim jackets - showbiz stars, including Glucose and Slava, wore them. But due to trauma, creativity faded into the background. The daughter of the star began to feel depressed: she even moved away from her mother, with whom she used to be in a very warm relationship.

“Now, of course, it’s a very difficult period, but I hope that it will end soon,” Ouspenskaya says. - I try to surround her with attention and care. I say that now we need to focus on our health. And then let him do whatever he wants. I will not interfere with any of her hobbies.

Ouspenskaya has recently been criticized for excessive shocking, candid photos and bold miniskirts. Recently Lyuba distinguished herself again. The singer admitted that, while being heavily drunk, together with the singer Slava, she got behind the wheel of her own car and rammed two fences. Ouspenskaya assures: she behaves this way on purpose.

“When the tragedy with Tanya happened, I realized that I needed to do something, that I needed to change something, otherwise I could go crazy,” the star explains. - And it gave me such strength and confidence that today I can hype, wear beautiful mini-skirts and not pay attention to anyone.

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