Victoria Bonya About Russians And Alimony

Victoria Bonya About Russians And Alimony
Victoria Bonya About Russians And Alimony

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The well-known TV presenter opposed the introduction of a law on the payment of alimony not only to children, but also to former spouses. Victoria Bonya believes that then men will not want to get married at all.

The new bill assumes that men will provide not only for their children, but also for ex-wives who cannot find work yet. Payments will be made until the mother finds herself a business. Many experts have already opposed such an initiative, because then there will be many people living at someone else's expense.

Victoria Bonya has already shared her opinion on the new bill. She acknowledged that such a practice already exists in the United States, which means that there is still benefit in it. But the legal system in Russia is very different from other developed countries. In her opinion, men will not want to formalize a relationship if they know about all the consequences of marriage.

"At least I know that in America there is exactly such a thing that you get alimony when you get divorced, if you are left without work. I think if it exists in developed countries, then there is some benefit in it. But you need to understand, that we have a different system and a different mentality. Already now men are afraid to marry, but can you imagine what will happen next? Probably, no one at all wants to marry, "- quotes the star" Channel Five ".

Recently, the former participant of "House-2" Victoria Bonya starred in another candid photo shoot. In the pictures, the model is posing topless, covering her breasts with her hands. Fans in the comments admired the seductive forms of the TV presenter and wished her to stay in the same great shape.

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