Revelations Of "Shiny": Love And Fears Of Ksenia Novikova

Revelations Of "Shiny": Love And Fears Of Ksenia Novikova
Revelations Of "Shiny": Love And Fears Of Ksenia Novikova

Video: Revelations Of "Shiny": Love And Fears Of Ksenia Novikova

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Ksenia Novikova has become one of the most popular soloists of the "Brilliant" group in the entire history of the collective's existence. The artist was not afraid to leave the group at the peak of popularity and give birth to two sons from businessman Andrei Sereda. But in these relations, Novikova experienced a great shock. After parting, Sereda took her children away from her and secretly took them abroad. Ksenia has not seen the boys for nine months.


The second chosen one of the soloist was businessman Alexei Sorokin. On the sidelines of show business, rumors suddenly spread about the couple's divorce. What is the status of the singer now: wife or already divorced? Is it true that Sorokin cheated on her? Is Ksenia afraid of repeated child abduction? The most juicy details are in an interview with Novikova for the Oh, Mommy program on the MIR TV channel.

- Great fame came to you after you became the lead singer of the "Brilliant" group. But few people know that it was you who wrote the lyrics of the song, which became the hallmark of the band - "And I flew all the time." You are writing poetry, and I would like to know how the lines sounded before they were set to music.

- Everything was in a slightly different sequence. The producer and composer of the "Brilliant" group, Andrei Grozny, suggested music and asked to write a text for it.

When I heard the chorus, these notes, these lines "And I … but I" immediately appeared in my head. Then the chorus was assigned to them, and then the whole story. It's no secret that I write poems, I post them on the Internet, I read them myself, I perform them myself.

- Ksenia, relatively recently rumors have spread about your divorce from businessman Alexei Sorokin, your second husband. What is your current status?

- I am a happy divorced person.

- What is the reason, if not a secret?

They are all so small, there is no global reason, let's put it this way. I don't know if he cheated on me or not when we lived together, most likely not, because most often I saw him at home on the couch. Is that in thoughts. But there was a moment when we had already stopped living together and had not yet divorced, but we had already parted. Then, perhaps, such a prominent and imposing man had a queue of women and accumulated.

- The press wrote a lot about your conflict with your first husband, who secretly took your common children abroad from you. I know that you won both courts in Russia and in Spain and returned your sons. How are your relations with Andrei Sereda currently being built?

Our relationship is not built in any way. He is not interested in children, but he likes to accuse me of not giving him children. And how can I trust him with children after what happened? And if, all the more, he does not call, do I really have to call him myself and say: "Take the children!" My policy is this: now I am a lioness mother who protects them, and when the children grow up, if they want to see dad, I will not interfere. If only they themselves ask about it, look into his eyes, find out his version of what happened.

I will not interfere with them. For my part, I can say that I never tell my children anything bad about dad. Yes, they have the Internet, they already know something about it, remember how they were taken away, how they were not allowed to communicate with their mother. I think that when they are older they will have questions.

Yes, they are now. But let them grow up and I'll buy them a plane ticket if they want to talk to their father.

- I think they went through a lot of stress.

- This is definitely, and there are still some echoes. But it's okay, now we have a big loving family. My parents are always nearby, mom and dad, my brother Maxim with his wife Olya and two children. We all live in the neighborhood, we are going to a big table, and all the children are in love, which is great.

- Where is Andrey Sereda now? What's going on with him?

- I don’t know, because, to be honest, I’m not interested. He sometimes pays alimony.Nobody gets in touch with me, it's all through the guardianship authorities.

- I can't help but ask about Zhanna Friske. During that difficult period of illness for her, we saw only Orlova from all the soloists of the group. Did none of you lend a helping hand to her again in those days?

- Everyone and always were ready to lend a helping hand, Jeanne knew about it. I personally communicated with Zhanna through Olga, because I understood that a person has no time for this at all. During this period, I did not go to the programs, because I did not want some cheap hype on the topic of a loved one, because mainly those who were outsiders went there, just to get publicity on this topic, to shine. I explained to Ole that we were too close people to do that. She understood me.

- Olga was with Zhanna all the time, right? 24 hours a day? Did she ask to replace her?

- No, that was not the case. Of course, if someone asked, any of us would respond. There were just those people who were closer to Jeanne at that moment. She was a bit of a mom for us, she took care of everyone, despite her young age. In the group, she was a close person for me, but not a friend.

- According to rumors, you almost ran into Zhanna Friske in Latvia at the New Wave festival. Jeanne was already sick, is it true that you chose to avoid meeting her?

- Rumors are rumors, I have not paid attention to them for a long time when I hear what journalists say. We were in Latvia, and Orlova was with us. She said: "I'm going to Zhannusik." And we say: “You ask Jeanne, maybe we’ll come? If appropriate. " She said hello to us from Jeanne, but said that now she is not up to it. As a result, journalists turned everything upside down, perverted.

The most important thing is what we all have in our souls, what we know and think. Somewhere I am not going to rush into the embrasure and shake flags, I don’t think it is necessary.

- I've always wondered if there is unhealthy competition in girl groups? It happens that the participants are ready for the most unseemly actions, for example, sawing off a heel or ruining a costume?

- There are such cases, but not in our team. Ask the girls in the other groups about how it was in The Brilliant. It so happens that tours, a tight schedule, and we often flew on tours with girls from other groups, for example, with Dasha Ermolaeva from Cream. And Dusya kept saying: "Girls, I want to see you, it’s so good and interesting with you."

We did it because we chose the right girls. At first, of course, they were selected according to external parameters - height, weight, appearance, vocal abilities, dances. Then the stage came when the girl came to the concert, and we just talked before the concert.

After several such meetings, it became clear whether we could be together or not. Some good girls dropped out at this stage, simply because we would not be able to be with them 24 hours a day. This, I think, is the secret of our good relations with girls, which are still maintained.

- Was there any kind of hierarchy? Division into "oldies" and "fetch-fetch"?

- Only as a joke. Although it happened that we tried to come to an agreement with the girls, they say, let's at least this time be tough, grumpy and drive a new one. But we were not enough even for five minutes.

- I have heard that you periodically struggle with excess weight, go on strict diets, but you certainly start the diet in a good mood, otherwise there will be no result. What is this interesting technique?

I lost weight and gained weight many times, and I realized during this time that there are times when I force myself directly, but I feel that it is because of the stick. If this happens, you need to postpone, calm down, give yourself time to prepare yourself. And then everything will be easy, the weight will start to go away, and you easily get into shape. The main thing is to calmly wait out the moment at the very beginning, when the weight is in place. It happens for two weeks or a month, then everything will go well.

- And we have an interesting heading "Inconvenient question". I offer you three envelopes on one question.You can answer all of them, or you can only answer one.

- Let's.

- So, is it true that you are still afraid of the repeated abduction of your children?

- Yes, there is nothing so terrible, it is a life-long trauma for me. This is what has left an imprint on my whole life, I purely instinctively feel it, I dream about this topic. Going out into the street, I grab their hands, look around. I also struggle with myself, I began to let them go somewhere with the class, although more than five years have passed.

- Your romance with Alexei Sorokin began when he was still officially married to another. Isn't this a reason to think about whether to mess with this man?

- I will debunk this rumor. This article says that Alexei was married. But when we met, he said that he had a son, he was engaged in it. When asked about his son's mother, he said that he had never married her. And in fact, when we met, Alexey was not married. This is all not true.

- Is it true that the soloists of the "Brilliant" group often received obscene proposals?

- True, it happened many times on tour. After concerts, the director was often approached with questions about how much it cost to go to the sauna with the girls. There were many, but we are not responsible for such people. Sometimes it happened that we ran away from the hotel through the window on the first floor.

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