Abraham Russo: Where The Ancestors Of The Popular Singer Of The 2000s Came From

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Abraham Russo: Where The Ancestors Of The Popular Singer Of The 2000s Came From
Abraham Russo: Where The Ancestors Of The Popular Singer Of The 2000s Came From

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At the very beginning of the 2000s, Abraham Russo was one of the most spectacular Russian pop singers. Hits performed by Russo together with Kristina Orbakaite were especially popular among listeners. Russo earned the attention of fans to his person not only thanks to his voice, but also his accent, as well as an unusual name and surname.


Syria, France, Lebanon?

The future performer known as Abraham Russo was born in the city of Aleppo in 1969. His parents were not Syrians: just because of the circumstances, at that moment they lived in this country. The 37-year-old mother and 66-year-old father Russo have known each other for a long time, but they were able to connect their fates only in the late 60s. By that time, they were both already widowed.

7 years after the birth of Abraham, the head of the family died, and his wife and her sons (the singer has a brother John) settled in the capital of France, and then moved to Lebanon. It was in one of the Lebanese monasteries that Rousseau studied, and it was there that he began to sing.

As an adult, Abraham began performing in front of restaurant audiences in various countries. He traveled all over Europe, lived in the Middle East and even in North America. Telman Ismailov, the owner of a club in Cyprus, once invited Russo to try his hand at the Russian stage. So the singer ended up in our country.

Turkey, Greece, Italy?

Father Abraham Russo's name was Jean. According to some reports, Jean was a member of the French Foreign Legion, and was originally from Turkey (according to other information, from Greece). Once he was in hospital "Saint Louis" in France, where his future wife was then working as a nurse. This was their first meeting.

Then Russo's parents parted for many years, then to meet again. According to media reports, the artist's mother, Maria, was Italian.

Allegedly, the parents gave the exotic name Abraham to the singer because they were very religious people. It was not for nothing that the singer was educated within the walls of the monastery. As for the surname Russo, its appearance can be easily explained by the fact that the family lived in Paris for several years, and the performer simply liked it.

And in fact?

In fact, Abraham Russo is just a stage name. In fact, the famous singer is called Abraham Ipdjian. When the real name of the artist became known, fans of his talent immediately questioned the version of his Turkish origin. However, Rousseau himself claimed that the first 2 letters of the surname "ip" make up a word in Turkish, which translates as "thread". Abraham assured that his ancestors had a factory for the production of threads, hence the name.

Meanwhile, many were haunted by the ending of the Ipjyan surname, which indicates the singer's Armenian roots. In addition, as you know, Russo speaks at least 13 languages, among which there is also Armenian. Only relatively recently did Abraham finally admit that his parents were Armenians, born in Turkey.

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