Irina Shayk Provoked Rumors About Pregnancy

Irina Shayk Provoked Rumors About Pregnancy
Irina Shayk Provoked Rumors About Pregnancy

Video: Irina Shayk Provoked Rumors About Pregnancy

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Fans are already congratulating the star on the future addition to the family.

The famous model Irina Shayk and her lover, actor Bradley Cooper, recently became parents for the first time. And now the star mom has shared a photo with a noticeably rounded belly on Instagram. At least, fans of the model thought so.

Irina Shayk did not sign the picture in any way. And in the comments, the model did not answer questions about her second pregnancy. The fans decided not to wait for official confirmation or denial, but began to congratulate the star on a joyful event.

“Urraaaa !! Congratulations, Pretty Woman!) "," People like Shayk should give birth every year "," What a joy! Irina, congratulations”,“Pregnant again, hurray!”,“Congratulations, delightful woman”,“Amazing news,”commented the model's subscribers from around the world on Instagram.

However, some fans did not believe that Irina Shayk was pregnant. In their opinion, the model specially posted such a picture on the social network in order to provoke rumors. “This is probably an old photo, even when she was pregnant”, “She is not pregnant. Ira, has been walking pregnant with people for a year and a half "," Her paparazzi with Bradley Cooper were recently filmed in the same swimsuit. A lot of pictures were taken, she was not pregnant, she just holds her left hand like that "," Can't you see that Irina is in great shape !!!! "," I think this is an old photo) or Ira just hype) ", - suggested the subscribers of the star.

Recall that Irina Shayk has been in a relationship with American actor and film producer Bradley Cooper since April 2015. In January of this year, fans noticed a ring on the model's finger and concluded that she had secretly married the father of her child.

Interestingly, neither the expectation of the crumbs, nor the birth of the daughter of the star were officially announced, and only photographs of the paparazzi from time to time confirm that the couple is indeed raising baby Leia de Sien.

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