Ekaterina Barnabas Does Not Want To Get Married

Ekaterina Barnabas Does Not Want To Get Married
Ekaterina Barnabas Does Not Want To Get Married

Video: Ekaterina Barnabas Does Not Want To Get Married

Video: Как живет Екатерина Варнава и сколько она зарабатывает Нам и не снилось 2022, December

The other day, TV presenter Regina Todorenko became a mother for the first time, giving birth to a son to musician Vlad Topalov. The birth of an heir was not a reason for her to go on maternity leave. The star has already announced that she is ready to continue working 12 hours a day, developing her project "Friday with Regina". Comedian Ekaterina Varnava became the new guest of the author's program.

The release of the Internet show "Friday with Regina" appeared on the network according to the plan, however, it was published in the recording. Regina Todorenko gave birth to her first child this week, and a pregnant woman is captured in the new video. Her colleague and member of the Comedy Woman Ekaterina Varnava came to visit the TV personality, who spoke about her work and personal life.

Catherine shared her thoughts on marriage, noting that she partly considers herself a bachelor. At the same time, since 2013, she has been in a relationship with Konstantin Myakinkov, noting that she does not want to put a stamp in her passport yet. Barnabas says that the chosen one made her better, he sees negative qualities in her, but he loves her for who she is.

The celebrity admitted that she grew up in a full-fledged family and considers her parents' marriage ideal. Her father recently passed away, but she considers him a real man. Catherine admits that her medical mother sacrificed a lot for her beloved and always followed him, supporting him in everything. Barnabas does not know if she is able to devote herself to another person, but is devoted to her boyfriend and calls him her husband.

“I have a masculine character. I'm just that kind of person. Even that I love him, I realized after about a year of serious relationship. I need time for everything, I need to mature … I can’t just like that, at a click, to penetrate and accept something”.

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