Even The Floor Floated: Reshetova Overdid It With Photoshop

Even The Floor Floated: Reshetova Overdid It With Photoshop
Even The Floor Floated: Reshetova Overdid It With Photoshop

The girl Timati was laughed at on social networks.

While some girls are working hard on their figure in the gym, others believe that in order to be a dazzling beauty, photoshop is enough. But not everyone knows how to use photo editors in a filigree way, and the stars are no exception.

For example, Timati's girlfriend, Anastasia Reshetova, boasted marine photos to subscribers. A model in a swimsuit poses on a yacht: a wide smile, gorgeous hair, a flat tummy, an elastic ass - beauty, and nothing more! Only the followers didn't appreciate it, laughing at the rough retouching.

“Photoshop can be seen a mile away,” “I clearly rounded the priest, even the floor floated,” “And what about the board?”, Subscribers began to pour comments. The fact itself caused bewilderment - why should Reshetova "edit" her chiseled figurine? After all, she often poses in swimsuits and revealing outfits, and it seems that the girl simply does not have any flaws! This is not Kardashian, who needs to "blur" cellulite, and not Britney Spears, for whom this is the only way to hide the folds at the waist.

Well, most of all the fans were disappointed that Anastasia was posing without showing her hands - everyone wanted to consider whether she had a cherished ring on her finger. Indeed, recently he and Timati posted rare joint romantic pictures on the social network, mysteriously signing them with the date: "08/25/18".

And then Reshetova posted a photo in stories in which two rings are visible on the ring finger - one looks like an engagement ring, and the second one looks like an engagement ring. But the couple does not answer direct questions, and does not comment on the rumors about the engagement (and maybe about a secret wedding). And here Anastasia decided to support the intrigue. Well, all the more impatiently fans will be waiting for new photos of Reshetova.

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