Cheated By Her Husband Rita Dakota Gets Another Blow

Cheated By Her Husband Rita Dakota Gets Another Blow
Cheated By Her Husband Rita Dakota Gets Another Blow

Video: Cheated By Her Husband Rita Dakota Gets Another Blow

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Rita Dakota, who took off to a new level of popularity after the news of her divorce from Vlad Sokolovsky, allegedly because of his numerous betrayals, again found herself in an unpleasant situation. The artist refused to allocate a site, citing the fact that she was swearing in her songs.

Rita Dakota commented on the unpleasant situation on her official page on the Instagram social network. The popular singer and songwriter has posted a short video of her singing musical composition with an obscene expression.

"I'm not cute. I'm alive. And in my songs everything is like in life. Replacing some valuable and not just words that appeared there, so as not to hurt the psyche of your children, is more difficult than just not letting children listen to my music (hereinafter the spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved. - Ed.) "- wrote Rita Dakota.

Further, the singer confessed her love to the immortal classics of Russian literature, noting that she liked those of their works that are unknown to a wide range of readers. "I dearly love Nekrasov, Brodsky, Yesenin and Pushkin not from the school curriculum, but those very sharp, feeling and living, with my favorite works they have, which have never been included in the school curriculum for the same reasons," said the artist …

Then Rita finally got to the heart of the matter. She said: "One playground for acoustics refused to lease us here in St. Petersburg, because there is a mat in my songs. But drug addicts often perform there, but without mat in their songs. At first we thought to replace a couple of words for the sake of the site. And then we decided replace the site ".

In conclusion, Dakota said: "I will not be who I am not to please those who do not like me." Recall that Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky were an example of a harmonious family. The artists regularly posted joint photos and videos, traveled a lot together and even kept a vlog. The news of the divorce of the star spouses came as a complete surprise to everyone. The beautiful tale ended after the news of Sokolovsky's betrayal for quite a long time. Allegedly, his adventures were covered by friends and even close relatives.

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