Nicole Kidman Wanted To Become A Nun

Nicole Kidman Wanted To Become A Nun
Nicole Kidman Wanted To Become A Nun

Not all singers, actors, TV presenters and other representatives of show business dreamed of world fame, stage performances and huge fees. Many admit that they expected to achieve much less than they received in the end. Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman admitted that she planned to connect her life with the ministry of the church and did not at all strive to act in films.

Celebrity revelations sometimes make you think about what incredible events can be sent by fate. Oscar-winning Nicole Kidman spoke about her past in a recent interview with Allure magazine, for which she also starred in an interesting photo shoot. The 51-year-old Cold Mountain star described herself as a very religious person and emphasized her faith in God.

“I wanted to become a nun. As you can see, I did not go this way, but I was very attracted to him. But in the end I didn’t regret it.”

The Australian also struck with a revelation about her attitude to fame. It turns out that she does not consider herself a movie star at all, but just an actress. "Superstar", in her opinion, is the singer Beyoncé. Nicole also noted her peculiar taste in the choice of roles - she likes to try on different images and she works on each as hard as she did 30 years ago. Over the past year, she has played the wife of a pastor (The Gone Girl), a former police officer (The Destroyer) and the mother of the protagonist in Aquaman.

Kidman's fans are very happy that she became an actress, because otherwise her amazing abilities would have remained hidden, and the world would not have seen all the facets of her talent. Nicole is considered a master of reincarnation, and she is not at all shy about deteriorating her appearance in the frame, as it was in the movie "The Watch", where she played the writer Virginia Woolf.

As for recent roles, the slender blonde has noticeably "aged" for "Destroyer" - the abundance of wrinkles and graying hair have changed her look almost beyond recognition. But the efforts of the film star on the set receive high marks - a week ago, at the 22nd annual Hollywood Film Awards, she received another award for outstanding career achievement.

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