Celebrity Hairstyles That Amazed Fans

Celebrity Hairstyles That Amazed Fans
Celebrity Hairstyles That Amazed Fans

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Celebrities use the services of the best hairdressers and stylists, but they manage to make fashionable punctures. These beauties somehow appeared in public, having built something unimaginable on their heads and now they are probably ashamed of these photos.

1. Singer Christina Aguilera has long preferred blond, but in her youth she often experimented with style. For one of the special occasions, she dyed individual strands black and began to look like a zebra.

2. Singer Beyoncé today delights fans with elegance and signature style, but once she wore bangs that can hardly be called beautiful. The unfortunate length made the singer look like a village simpleton who had cut her hair with blunt scissors.

3. Angelina Jolie has also long preferred the once chosen style - long dark curls. But in her younger years, she also wanted changes: she dyed her hair and chose different haircuts. One of the most unfortunate transformations was the hedgehog haircut, which turned the actress into a sexless creature.

4. Nicole Kidman everyone knows as an elegant woman, not prone to provocations. But when Nicole first started her career, she did not look so stylish. Nature has rewarded the actress with a shock of red hair, which Kidman is now straightening, but thirty years ago her head was decorated with lush curls.

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