How Spouses Of Actors React To Sex Scenes Involving Loved Ones

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How Spouses Of Actors React To Sex Scenes Involving Loved Ones
How Spouses Of Actors React To Sex Scenes Involving Loved Ones

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It’s impossible to imagine what we would feel if we had to watch our boyfriends have sex with someone else? And these people observe this on a regular basis. Together with millions of random people.

Amelia Warner refuses to watch "50 Shades of Gray"

The wife of the actor who played the seductive Christian Gray, Jamie Dornan. “She doesn't want to watch them,” Jamie admitted to US Magazine. - She wants to support me and my work. If I were in her place, I couldn't either, so I don't put pressure on her. This is her decision. She can imagine what is happening there, but she is uncomfortable watching something like that."

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Tatum watched sex scenes together

The two fell in love while portraying romance on screen. When the couple were together, they admitted that they tried not to take sex scenes in which their partner was involved too seriously. Channing Tatum told Redbook magazine that watching these episodes put them in a playful mood: “She is very sexy - one of the reasons why I am with her. There are many reasons, of course, but this one is somewhere at the very top of the list. She watches sex scenes with me too, we somehow cope with this. She will close my eyes, and I will close her."

The couple watched the joint scenes with pleasure: “It's very interesting. Look and suddenly: "Oh, but this is our first kiss" When we finished filming, we returned to Los Angeles and began to live together. And they never parted again, for nine years already."

We remind you that in April this year, the couple announced a divorce.

Jeda Pinkett Smith is delighted with her husband

"After 20 years, You Know," Will Smith's wife began to say for Extra, but the actor did not let her finish, intervening: "She’s dragging along, dragging on it!"

After that, Jeda was forced to admit: “Unfortunately, he is right. It's kind of a voyeuristic delight to see your husband in such a strange setting. A completely different conversation."

By the way, the couple no longer calls themselves "spouses." They say that they are now on a new level of relationship. Will Smith encourages journalists to quit rumors and divorce and go about their business.

Pierce Brosnan's wife considers it "legal treason"

The performer of the role of Bond just has a lot of sex scenes - with different women. And of course, this is no secret for Keely Shaye Smith, his wife.

“My wife calls these episodes 'legal infidelity,'” says the actor. "She once said that at one of the parties when she was asked how she feels about what she sees on the screen with different women."

Ben Affleck's Wife Didn't Watch Husband Nude Scenes

Ben Affleck caught a glimpse of his penis in Gone Girl - and it shocked many viewers.

“We talked,” said Jennifer Garner. “He came home and said, 'Well, at work today, Fincher told me to get out of the shower.' "Cool," I replied, "I hope you were shot with a wide angle lens."

But that's not why they got divorced.

Stephen Moyer directed scenes with Anna Paquin

The couple met on the set of the legendary TV series True Blood. Stephen Moyer played the charming vampire Bill, who fell in love with the waitress, Sookie Stackhouse. But for 7 seasons, the main character had several hobbies, and the vampire Bill was not the only thing. And then Moyer had to take matters into his own hands.

“There were moments when I watched a love scene with Anna on the screen and said, for example: 'Joe, move your hand higher to Anna's chest. Can you move your thumb a little? " or even told her: "Enjoy it baby, come on."

Evan McGregor's wife was jealous

Yves Mavrakis did not hide the fact that during her husband's entire career she had only one moment when she was jealous of her husband - a scene with actress Kelly MacDonald in the movie Trainspotting. “I was pregnant with Clara, and Kelly was a lovely fresh flower,” Eve said. "Maybe it was the hormones, but I was able to look at them without nerves only after giving birth."

As it turned out, it was necessary to be jealous of another woman - Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

Keith Urban wants to protect Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman had some pretty aggressive scenes with Alexander Skarsgård in Big Little Lies. When she was asked about her husband's reaction, she replied: "Nobody wants to see his wife with Skarsgård, I am definitely telling this - no one!" Of the hard scenes, she says: “You know, it was difficult to deal with this role. I came in bruised and bruised, so my husband provided a lot of emotional support."

Blake Lively calls watching Deadpool torture

The actress was not at all happy to see her husband Ryan Reynolds in explicit scenes. “It was torture,” she admitted in an interview with Jimmy Fallon. - I flew in an airplane and, wherever you look, - sex scenes with my husband. Everyone watched Deadpool on the plane!"

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