Fire And Lace: Zhukov Posted A Photo Of His Wife From Behind

Fire And Lace: Zhukov Posted A Photo Of His Wife From Behind
Fire And Lace: Zhukov Posted A Photo Of His Wife From Behind

Video: Fire And Lace: Zhukov Posted A Photo Of His Wife From Behind

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The lead singer of the group "Hands up" Sergei Zhukov is married for the second time. In a marriage with Regina Burd, he brings up three children and does not get tired of posting rave reviews to the faithful.

And then Zhukov burst into another romantic tirade dedicated to his wife:

“Reginochka! I cherish every second that you are with me … I catch your every word, I envy how strong, businesslike, and efficient you have become, I admire how you manage to help us, everyone in our family, using only your inner amazing powers: with a kind word, a kiss, *** lami, a sharp "doshirak":) You have become subject to large and small substances:) Seriously! You Grow, Rodnul! And, as always, this happens at a very important period in our life.

Nature counts everything for sure … at such moments I already start to precipitate:(I don't want you to feel my weakness and helplessness at these moments, it's like the Barbarian, you are weak - they immediately change you or want to overthrow … I always want to be an example for you with a capital letter, so that you say: "God, is there anything that is beyond his control ??" "Is there anything he cannot handle better than others?" then who, even a little bit, will be able to do what he does for me and the family? "Thank God, you know the answer for sure: I! Only I can be such a person, and I will be so! I am and I will be! I am and always will be !!!

And while you are there washing off the blood from my armor scorched by the successes of long campaigns, at the same time sewing up Miroshka's concert pants from the kindergarten, while not forgetting to collect a snack for the older children in the theater, I quietly sharpen my magic sword so that, taking you by the hand and collecting family, to slip into a new stage in our life, so new, so mysterious.

And we are ready to go for new achievements, but invariably filled with love, happiness and tenderness! Thank you for everything, my wife and my family!"

The artist's fans were sincerely delighted with his tirade, but they began to overwhelm the singer with questions about what happened in his family that Sergei Zhukov dashed off such a long love message. Someone even suggested that the singer was guilty of something.


However, a lot more comments related to the fact that the photo for the post does not correspond to its content. According to users, the sexy photo of Regina from behind does not at all match Sergey's full of love message:

“Some kind of discrepancy between words and photos to these words. That doesn't fit."

"Words are words, but a photo is not a photo."

“* Just don’t have to strip it all the time, sorry.”

"Could the photo have been placed with another, or is there some meaning hidden in it?"

"I also do not understand.. Why show your wife's ass, while praising what a business, etc.?"

“Well, you posted it all over the country … why? Your wife's ass … your ass … is not your world. And only you, Seryoga should see her!"

"The photo is not appropriate from behind, you could show your face, not your backside."

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