The Most Beautiful Couples In Russia

The Most Beautiful Couples In Russia
The Most Beautiful Couples In Russia

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Celebrities, day or night, cannot hide from fans and journalists. And star couples are an object of special interest of the public, because their words, actions and even views invariably cause a stream of speculation. These unions can no doubt be called not only interesting, but also beautiful.

1. Curlers Anastasia Brazgylova and Alexander Krushelnitsky became the center of attention at the Pyeongchang Olympics: a spectacular pair won the first Russian curling medal.

2. Ksenia Borodina and Kubran Omarov know how to intrigue. They are constantly in sight, but no one knows for certain what is happening in this pair.

3. Regina Burd and Sergei Zhukov have been married for over ten years. They had to go through financial difficulties, go through a family crisis and cope with career failures. The spouses have overcome all obstacles and are now raising three children.

4. Anastasia Zavorotnyuk and Pyotr Chernyshev found each other at the ice show, where Anastasia was the presenter, and Pyotr was a participant. Friendly relations flowed into a novel, although the public did not believe for a long time that the sincerity of the feelings of Zavorotnyuk and Chernyshev. However, in spite of everything, they got married and have been together for over ten years.

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