36 Facts About Vera Brezhneva For Her 36th Birthday

36 Facts About Vera Brezhneva For Her 36th Birthday
36 Facts About Vera Brezhneva For Her 36th Birthday

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Today Vera Brezhneva turns 36! Congratulations and wish!


1. The real name is Galushka.

2. Born on February 3, 1982.

3. Place of birth - Dneprodzerzhinsk, Ukraine.

4. Married to Konstantin Meladze.

5. Ex-soloist of the popular women's group "VIA Gra".

6. Today - a solo singer, appears on the screens as a TV presenter and starred in photo shoots of popular publications.

7. Voted the most beautiful woman five times by MAXIM magazine.

8. In addition to Vera, the family brought up three more children: sister Galina and twins Vika and Nastya.

9. Vera's parents worked at the Chemical Plant.

10. She was considered ugly at school.

11. I was carried away by the scene in kindergarten.

12 she was into karate and handball

13. And also rhythmic gymnastics and basketball.

14. She combined her studies with the courses of the assistant secretary and the English language.

15. I got my driver's license very early.

16. The girl earned after hours: in the summer she weeded the flower beds in Zelenstroy, 17. And in the evening I worked as a nanny.

18. Dreamed of becoming a lawyer.

19. But she became a student at the Dnepropetrovsk Institute of Railway Engineers.

20. Studied in absentia and received a diploma in economics.

21. In 2002, the group "VIA Gra" presented a concert to the city of Dnepropetrovsk. Then everyone was invited to the stage to sing along with the girls.

22. Producer Dmitry Kostyuk noticed Brezhneva's beautiful figure, rhythmic movements and good hearing.

23. When Kostyuk called, Vera did not believe it.

24. Leaving for Moscow, she said nothing to her mother.

25. After numerous studies and trainings, it was decided that Vera would sing at VIA Gre.

26. Former General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev was also from Dneprodzerzhinsk, hence the pseudonym.

27. The renewed line-up of the band first took to the stage in January 2003.

28. The composition of the group "VIA Gra" in 2003 was called "golden", because the tandem of Anna Sedokova, Nadia Granovskaya and Vera Brezhneva is still considered the coolest.

29. In 2007, the press leaked irrefutable and shocking fans information that Vera Brezhneva was leaving the legendary group "VIA Gra" for a solo career.

30. In 2009 Vera releases the track "Love in the Big City".

31. In 2010, Vera Brezhneva presented her new song "Love will save the world", for which six months later she received her first "Golden Gramophone"

32.The artist gave birth to her eldest daughter Sonya at the age of 18 from Vitaly Voichenko, with whom the singer lived in a civil marriage. But the relationship between Brezhneva and Voichenko did not work out, and the young people broke up.

33. In 2006, the singer became the wife of Ukrainian businessman Mikhail Kiperman, from whom she inherited her former surname. In 2009, Brezhnev gave birth to her second daughter Sarah

34 In October 2015, the media reported about a secret wedding.

35. The wedding ceremony of Konstantin Meladze and Vera Brezhneva took place in Italy.

36. Vera has 9 million followers on Instagram.

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