Pregnant Poroshina Deceived Everyone

Pregnant Poroshina Deceived Everyone
Pregnant Poroshina Deceived Everyone

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Reporters found out interesting details of Maria Poroshina's fifth pregnancy. On the sidelines, they say that the father of the unborn child is either her ex-husband, actor Ilya Drevnov, or married, but certainly not a foreigner. Moreover, the artist allegedly paid for the services of an elite maternity hospital herself.


The fifth pregnancy of Maria Poroshina is shrouded in a veil of mystery and guesswork. The fact that the artist is expecting a fifth child became known in the summer. Almost immediately after the information about the divorce of the actress and the artist Ilya Drevnov "leaked" in the media. This data became a real sensation, because the couple had been married for 17 years, and from the outside it seemed that complete harmony reigned in the family.

However, in a close circle, they say that the relationship between Poroshina and Drevnov was extremely unstable. Allegedly, an artist who did not fully realize his creative ambitions often made scandals at home, and Maria kicked him out. The fact that there are problems in the artist's family was frankly told by her mother, Honored Artist Natalya Krasnoyarskaya.

"There were times when I came at night, and not only me, and Gosha Kutsenko came, and we somehow put things in order in the house. Gosha is a real man, responsible for everyone,"

- said Poroshina's mother in a recent interview.

They say that Ilya Drevnov was also against a large family, and allegedly he "did not need anything."

"Masha provided for the family, she was in charge of everything, she bought a plot with a wooden hut, then she began to build a solid house",

- said a certain friend of the artist.

After it became known about Poroshina's divorce and her new pregnancy. reporters knocked off their feet to find out who is the father of the child. At first, information appeared that Maria was expecting a baby from her longtime friend and partner Yaroslav Boyko, but soon the actress herself denied this information. Poroshina reported via social networks that the father of her child lives abroad.

But not everyone believed her words.

"Masha avoids talking from the father of the child. Of course, this is not Yaroslav Boyko and not a foreigner. There can be two options: either it is Drevnov, who did not want another child, so Masha gives birth after a divorce. Or the father of the child is married, so he is absent. in Masha's life"

- a competent source told the site "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

Allegedly, the idea with a foreigner was thrown by Poroshina by her ex-husband Gosha Kutsenko. Like, if you tell the press that the father of her fifth child lives outside of Russia, no one wants to look for him. This version was supported by Maria's mother. "I know that he is Spaniard, but I don't know him. This is her business," Krasnoyarskaya vaguely answered reporters' questions.

The journalists found out that Maria Poroshina paid for the maternity hospital herself. According to the information of the same publication, the actress intends to give birth in an elite hospital, popular among domestic celebrities. They even found out the price - a luxury delivery in this maternity hospital costs an average of 780 thousand rubles.

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