Anna Sedokova Declassified Her Love

Anna Sedokova Declassified Her Love
Anna Sedokova Declassified Her Love

Video: Anna Sedokova Declassified Her Love

Video: Анна Седокова – хейт, феминизм, харассмент, квартира за 58 млн₽ и корпоративы в бане 2022, November

The singer showed fans her chosen one in Instagram Stories. Anna Sedokova has finally openly announced that there is a romantic relationship between her and the soloist of M-Band Anatoly Tsoi.

The artist recorded a video in which she made an important confession. On camera, Anna Sedokova said that she would make a "skull-skull".

"And my love will appear next to me",

- the singer promised. Then she moved the camera to the musician. He began to sing with a happy smile.

“Do you understand why we are with him?” Anna Sedokova asked. At the end of the recording, the celebrity announced that they, together with Anatoly Tsoi, were filming "something", and they would definitely show it later.


In addition to this, Anna Sedokova wrote a post in which she stated that "true love will win anyway." Thus, she further confirmed their romantic relationship with the lead singer of the M-Band.

Recall that rumors about the novel of Anna Sedokova and Anatoly Tsoi have been circulating for a long time. In December 2018, the singer published a photo with a colleague in which he gently hugs Sedokova in a scarlet dress. "There were many options, but this one won. Still, it's a pity that you and I, Anatoly, never had an affair," the artist wrote then.

Many netizens suspected that it was Choi who was the father of Anna Sedokova's youngest child, Hector. The performer is a mother of many children. She brings up the heirs Alina, Monica and Hector. All the singer's children were born of different men.

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