Semi-naked Sedokova Outraged Fans

Semi-naked Sedokova Outraged Fans
Semi-naked Sedokova Outraged Fans

Video: Semi-naked Sedokova Outraged Fans

Video:  ИНСТАГРАМ ЗВЕЗД: САМБУРСКАЯ ПОБРИЛАСЬ налысо, СКАНДАЛ БУЗОВОЙ и ГЛЮКОЗА без нижнего белья 2022, November

Ukrainian pop singer Anna Sedokova enjoys spending time on the beach in Los Angeles. She shared a photo of her lunch with Instagram followers.

The picture shows Sedokova posing in a multi-colored swimsuit. In front of her is a large plate of burger and fries. The star jokingly noted that with such a diet, she will never be able to lose those extra pounds. "Oh, Gods! I will never lose weight. Ni-Kog-Da," she wrote.

Fans immediately rushed to reassure Anna and called her ideal figure: "Why lose weight? You are already perfect", "Why do you need to lose weight? You have a great figure", "You do not need to lose weight! You have a beautiful, healthy and very feminine appearance. "," Fit. In good shape "," And don't. You are gorgeous. " Many supported the singer and admitted with bitterness that they could not refuse junk food either: "The same story", "There are so many of us lovers of French fries", "The most delicious food. Also does not lose weight."

There were also those whom the singer angered. "You need to eat less", "Ugh, she is still naked and licks her fingers", "This is outrageous. Some people really exhaust themselves with diets, but cannot lose weight, and you are kidding me," wrote the haters.

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