Stars Who Date Younger Men

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Stars Who Date Younger Men
Stars Who Date Younger Men

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After forty, all the fun is just beginning. If you don't believe me, take a look at our heroines: they know exactly how to keep themselves in shape, remain in demand in the profession and, most importantly, love. To love, regardless of the age difference, not paying attention to stereotypes and generally accepted frames. They do not know any rules and allow themselves to be absolutely happy next to men who are two or even three times younger than them. We tell romantic stories of 4 stars who found young boyfriends in their fifths, sixths and even sevenths.

Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz

A couple of years ago, Heidi Klum seriously switched to young guys. Men of the same age ceased to interest her, and the model decided to have an affair with art dealer Vito Schnabel. The age difference was 13 years, but this did not bother the top model at all: for more than three years she was happy next to her chosen one.

In September 2017, the couple broke up, and the spectacular blonde set off on a new quest. Her choice fell on the singer Tom Kaulitz, who became famous for his participation in the Tokio Hotel group. The musician is 16 years younger than the celebrity, but it doesn't matter to her.

Regularly, lovers publish hot joint pictures on social networks and openly show feelings for each other right in public. We are sure that many of Heidi's peers quietly envy her!

Kate Beckinsale and Matt Ruff

When, in 2017, Kate Beckinsale began dating comedian Matt Ruff, who at that time was just 22 years old, many ordinary people twisted their fingers to their temples: is it really appropriate for a woman “over forty” to enter into a relationship with a guy who is suitable for her sons? The actress, on the other hand, ignored criticism with iron calm and simply enjoyed her new romance. And he still does it. In those rare joint pictures of the couple that appear on the network, the young comedian always looks at his 45-year-old lover with fascination and as if he cannot stop looking at her. Isn't that what every woman dreams of?

Sharon Stone and Angelo Boffa

Sharon Stone turned 60 in March. And the actress is still capable of driving men crazy, as her heroine once did in Basic Instinct. So, this year, a celebrity found happiness in her personal life in the person of the charismatic entrepreneur Angelo Boffa. The muscular handsome man is 19 years younger than his companion, but is so fascinated by her that, according to rumors, he even made a marriage proposal. However, Stone decided not to rush to the wedding, so in a wedding dress we will not see her soon, if at all. After all, Sharon clearly lives for his own pleasure and feels great in the status of “not married”.

Robin Wright and Clementine Giraud

The wedding of Robin Wright and her chosen one Clementine Giraud made a lot of noise when fans found out about her. The fact is that the 52-year-old actress married the 31-year-old manager of the Saint Laurent fashion house back in December, but the marriage was secret. “Happiness loves silence,” decided the star of “House of Cards” - and she was absolutely right. Her union with her young husband is truly delightful: you forget about the 21-year difference when you see a businessman literally blowing dust off the actress.

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