Famous Women Who Chose Young Lovers

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Famous Women Who Chose Young Lovers
Famous Women Who Chose Young Lovers

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Women who are mature and already held in all respects very often choose men who are much younger as life companions.


Someone feeds on their enthusiasm, someone feels more attractive next to a young companion, someone likes to play the role of a mentor and mother, when their own children have long fled from their parent's nest.

There are dozens of reasons for such a choice, each woman is guided exclusively by her own interests and principles, so today we will not understand all the vicissitudes and features of the female world order, but remember the famous ladies who preferred young suitors to their peers.

Heidi Klum

According to the latest figures from the ubiquitous paparazzi, 44-year-old

top model Heidi Klum is dating Tokio Hotel guitarist Tom Kaulitz. Tom, once the idol of all emo youth, is 16 years younger than Heidi. However, he is not the first young lover of the top model. Not so long ago, Heidi broke up with 31-year-old VitoSchnobel.

Sharon Stone

The actress in her 60s continues to act in films, looks great and is liked by men of all ages. The new lover of the actress, 41-year-old Italian entrepreneur Angelo Boffa, before the relationship with Sharon, practically did not appear in the gossip and the media conducted a real search operation to establish his identity. Now the paparazzi are actively pursuing the couple, and Sharon herself says that the love and support of her boyfriend helped her overcome her fear of age.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears, rehabilitated after failures in her career, on

currently dating fitness trainer Sam Asgari.

Sam is 12 years younger than the singer, but seems to be an authority on sports issues for her. The relationship with Sam helped Britney to restore her former figure, she actively promotes

healthy lifestyle and shares videos from his workouts with fans.

The result of their work and Asgari's beneficial influence can be seen in Britney's photo shoot for Kenzo.

Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci is a vivid example of the fact that time is completely powerless over Italians. In her 53 years, she starred in the most daring and candid images for photo shoots, plays a James Bond girl and announces a relationship with a new man, who, in the words of the actress, changed her life.

Monica's chosen one was 44-year-old French actor Gilles Lellouche.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez, 48, and her lover, 42

basketball player Alex Rodriguez does not hide their relationship and actively buy joint real estate, planes for traveling with the whole family and, apparently, have a great time together. The press tried several times to engage the couple and prophesied a quick wedding, but Jennifer herself admits that they are not going to rush things.


The ten-year age difference between Shakira and her husband, football player Gerard Piquet, did not become an obstacle to starting a family. The celebrity couple is happy together and brings up two sons, although the press divorces them with enviable regularity. Apparently, such activity on the part of the media bothered Shakira, and she turned to the police with a complaint about the obsessive paparazzi who was persecuting her family.

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