Why Anna Bolshova Married Her Brother

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Why Anna Bolshova Married Her Brother
Why Anna Bolshova Married Her Brother
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Anna Bolshova became famous in the early 2000s, thanks to the series "Stop on demand". But it was then that a real scandal broke out in the press with the participation of the actress. All publications trumpeted that Bolshova had married her own brother. In this story, there was a place for the divorce of the artist's father, and her stepmother, and even sectarianism.

Asmit's friend

As the actress herself said, it all started with the fact that her mother Natalya Mikhailovna met Anna Evgenievna Kanaeva. Kanaeva lived in the Ukrainian village of Budy, where several more families settled, founding a kind of community called the Valley of the Sun. According to Anna Bolshova, once Natalya Mikhailovna came to visit her new friend, and she liked it so much in Budy that she soon brought her husband and daughters there.

This situation has received an unexpected continuation. Anna's father, the famous physicist Leonid Bolshov, left his wife and married Kanaeva. Moreover, Kanaeva soon gave birth to a son, David, from Bolshov. These facts were, according to the actress, the main reasons for the accusations that fell on Leonid Alexandrovich from his ex-wife. Natalya Mikhailovna assured everyone that "Valley of the Sun" is nothing more than a totalitarian sect, and Kanaeva herself is a "guru" and bears the name of Asmit. Anna Bolshova, stating that her mother was just trying to get her father back in this way, stopped communicating with her.

Marriage with brother

But the matter was not only in the divorce of the physicist. In the early 2000s, Anna Bolshova married Kanaeva's son Anton, who, in essence, was her brother, albeit a half-hearted one. Anton became interested in Anna while still a 16-year-old boy. When 24-year-old Bolshova came to Budy, he did not take his eyes off her. At first, the actress did not pay any attention to him. Only 2 years later, a romance broke out between them. Without thinking twice, Bolshova and Kanaev immediately went to the registry office.

Later, Anna admitted that Anton Kanaev attracted her with his mind and sense of humor. They felt good together. Nevertheless, the marriage lasted only 4 years. According to the actress, both of them, due to their youth and inexperience, did not realize that their lives did not flow together, but parallel to each other. And when Anna found out that Anton was cheating on her, she filed for divorce.

New marriage and again Buda

Oddly enough, but thanks to such a stab in the back, the desire to have a family and a child only strengthened in Bolshoi. Soon she met the artist Alexander Makarenko, married him and gave birth to a son, Daniel. However, despite the fact that Bolshova broke up with her half-brother, the scandal did not subside, because the actress continued to visit Buda. The village even had its own small theater, on the stage of which Bolshova often performed. Moreover, the second husband of the artist, together with their son Daniel, lived in Budy permanently. It seemed that Bolshova and Makarenko, as well as the father and stepmother of the actress, were happy.

However, in connection with the more frequent statements that the "Valley of the Sun" is in fact a sect, law enforcement officers carried out a check, but no corpus delicti was found in the activities of the community. Nevertheless, the famous clergyman Anatoly Berestov in his book "Under the Mask of Orthodoxy" calls this settlement a sect where the consciousness and will of man are subordinated. The priest bases his opinion on conversations with the victims and on the study of documents.

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