Danila Kozlovsky's Bride Posing Topless

Danila Kozlovsky's Bride Posing Topless
Danila Kozlovsky's Bride Posing Topless

Video: Danila Kozlovsky's Bride Posing Topless

Video: Суженый мой Екатерина Климова и Данила Козловский "Мы из будущего" 2022, December

Actress and director Olga Zueva posted a candid photo on her Instagram page. She appeared naked in front of the audience, choosing a black and white scale for the frame. In the signature for the publication, the girl noted that the picture was taken by her herself.

Subscribers appreciated Olga's beauty as a model and her skill as a photographer. “Because of this photo I subscribed to you”, “You have a very unusual appearance, very interesting and attractive”, “If I could shoot like that, I would immediately make it a profession”, “How beautiful you are”.

Let us remind you that at the beginning of June Olga Zueva presented her directorial debut, the film On the District, at the Kinotavr festival. The tape tells the story of two friends who lead a marginal lifestyle and do not disdain to break the law. Olga also worked in the film as an actress, and one of the main roles in it was played by her beloved Danila Kozlovsky.

However, the actor did not come to support the bride at the festival due to the busy tour schedule. Despite this, Zueva said very warm and emotional words about Danil in her speech: “In this picture, he was not just an actor and producer, but also my mentor. My teacher, my inspiration, my love."

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