The "drunken" Ovsienko Has A New Grief

The "drunken" Ovsienko Has A New Grief
The "drunken" Ovsienko Has A New Grief

Video: The "drunken" Ovsienko Has A New Grief

Video: "Усталые глаза" - Drunken Records 2022, December

In the life of Tatyana Ovsienko, apparently, not everything is smooth. One of the artist's close friends said that the singer was unhappy in her marriage to her criminal husband, Alexander Merkulov, and because of this she became addicted to alcohol.

The star also found itself in serious financial problems. It turned out that the artist stopped paying the rent. As a result, she had a debt of more than one hundred thousand rubles. To make ends meet, Tatiana sold the car. After all, because of the pandemic, as you know, the artists do not have concerts now.

Tatiana herself assures: the friend's words have nothing to do with reality. Ovsienko said that she was quite happy for herself and was making grandiose plans for the future.

Meanwhile, as it became known to, not so long ago, the star experienced another shock. She parted ways with her director Igor Arkhipov, who for a long time was her right hand and was organizing all the performances. There are rumors in the crowd that he left Ovsienko due to personal differences: he did not accept her current lifestyle. In a conversation with us, Arkhipov confirmed that he has really not worked with Tatyana for over a year.

- But I'm not going to comment on anything, - said Igor. - Firstly, this is a person's personal life. Secondly, everything is not true that they write about her. We communicate every day. We continue to be friends with Tanya, because we are relatives. She is the godmother of my children!

By the way, before the current relationship with Merkulov, Ovsienko was happy with producer Vladimir Dubovitsky, the ex-husband of Irina Allegrova. However, after almost two decades of marriage, the couple broke up. Vladimir went to a young rival. Tatiana herself was credited with relationships with many men, including with actor Valery Nikolaev.

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