What Secret Tatyana Ovsienko Hid From Everyone For Almost 20 Years

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What Secret Tatyana Ovsienko Hid From Everyone For Almost 20 Years
What Secret Tatyana Ovsienko Hid From Everyone For Almost 20 Years

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Tatiana Ovsienko in the 1990s was one of the most popular Russian pop singers. Then an event happened in her life, which she had to keep silent about for 18 years. Moreover, the first secret was revealed at that time by the ex-husband of Ovsienko, Vladimir Dubovitsky.

Meeting and marriage with Dubovitsky

Tatiana Ovsienko first saw her first wife, producer Vladimir Dubovitsky, when she worked as an administrator at the Bratislava Hotel in her native Kiev. Famous artists, singers and showmen often stayed in "Bratislava". One of them turned out to be Dubovitsky. The producer became ill in the room due to an allergy to pollen, and Irina Allegrova, who lives in the same hotel, asked Ovsienko to call an ambulance for Vladimir. But then it all ended there.

The second meeting between Dubovitsky and Ovsienko took place only a few years later at one of the concerts of the popular Mirage group, of which Tatyana managed to become a soloist. However, the singer did not intend to destroy the marriage, in which Dubovitsky was then. And the romantic hobbies of the vocalists were not encouraged by the Mirage leadership. And again, a lot of time passed before Vladimir appeared on the threshold of Tatyana's rented Moscow apartment in order to stay there forever.

The appearance of a son

The couple dreamed of a child. But Tatiana did not manage to get pregnant. Finally, in 1999, the long-awaited son appeared in the family. A few months before that, Ovsienko was on tour in the city of Penza. During the performance, one of the spectators handed the singer a note with a request to help the baby's house with fruit. After the concert, Tatiana and her colleagues bought several boxes of apples and went to the indicated address.

There, in the baby's house, Ovsienko saw Igor. A two-year-old boy was looking at an algebra textbook with interest. Employees of the institution told the star that Igor was born with a heart defect and needs surgery. Tatiana paid for the baby's treatment, and then adopted him altogether. Foster parents considered themselves the happiest people on earth.

Straight Talk

Vladimir and Tatiana surrounded Igor with such care and love that he soon forgot about the baby's house. Even despite the divorce of his parents, for 18 years he did not suspect that he was an adopted child. All this time, Ovsienko was silent. The first who shared this secret with the young man was Vladimir Dubovitsky. At that moment, the producer was already living in the United States, and Igor flew to him in order to continue his studies. Once, when Tatyana once again called her son, Igor's tone seemed to her too dry. Ovsienko shared this observation with her ex-spouse, and he admitted that he frankly told Igor the story of his appearance in the family.

Soon the conversations between mother and son became warm again. However, Igor never returned to Russia. He stayed to live in Miami and soon started his own family. In 2015, his son Alexander was born. Despite the distance separating them and the fact that Igor is not native to the singer, Ovsienko behaves like a real grandmother. She buys Pushkin's fairy tales for her grandson so that the boy learns Russian from the cradle.

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