The Most Beautiful Women In Russia In The 90s

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The Most Beautiful Women In Russia In The 90s
The Most Beautiful Women In Russia In The 90s

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The list of beauties who shone in different fields in the 1990s will involve many more names than presented in this article. However, these women not only amazed everyone with their beauty, but were also able to become famous in the most difficult years for the country.

1/7 Natalia Vetlitskaya

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2/7 Diana Vishneva

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3/7 Natalie

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4/7 Larisa Verbitskaya

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5/7 Yolanda Chen

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6/7 Tatiana Sorokka

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7/7 Alexandra Petrova

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Elena Korikova

Having an angelic appearance, Elena Korikova successfully embodied the images of the heroines of classical Russian literature on stage and in the cinema. The role of Liza Muromskaya in the film "The Young Lady-Peasant" brought her nationwide fame. Not afraid to be naked in front of the camera, Korikova tried her hand at the US modeling business, and after returning to Russia, she played a famous role in the TV series "Poor Nastya" and starred in several music videos.

Natalia Vetlitskaya

The spectacular blonde Natalya Vetlitskaya, who took her first steps on the stage as a dancer and backing vocalist, performed as a soloist for the first time in the legendary Mirage group. Vetlitskaya, who attracted attention to her person not so much with her voice data as with a provocatively sexual video clip for the song "Look in the Eyes", starred in several musical films, and then left her career. Since the beginning of the 2000s, the singer has concentrated on the family and lives with her daughter in Spain.

Ekaterina Gordeeva

The fragile beauty-figure skater Ekaterina Gordeeva, against the background of her stately husband-partner Sergei Grinkov, seemed like a miniature statuette. Always smiling and benevolent, she won the hearts of the audience, forcing even those who were cool about this sport to watch figure skating. Repeated champion of Europe, the world and the Olympic Games, Ekaterina successfully proved herself both in amateur and professional sports, she did not give up even after the sudden death of her husband. Now Gordeeva is married to figure skater Ilya Kulik and lives in the United States with her two children.

Diana Vishneva

The prima ballerina Diana Vishneva, who shone on the stage of the Mariinsky Theater in the mid-90s, is the owner of the unofficial title of the most refined Russian dancer. Performing masterly roles of different genres on the stage of the world's leading theaters, she deservedly received the title of "Man of the World". Nowadays, Vishneva puts on her own productions, is engaged in social activities and, on occasion, dances in performances.

Ekaterina Rednikova

Born in the year of the Ox under the sign of the zodiac Taurus, Ekaterina Rednikova has always stubbornly pursued her goal. So it was when, adding a couple of years to herself, she came to audition for the main female role in the film "Thief", and convinced Pavel Chukhrai to approve her, assuring that she herself would act in all explicit scenes, since she regards nudity on the screen as a kind of art. As a result, the film "Thief" received an Oscar nomination, and Ekaterina received Russian film awards and offers from foreign directors.


Bursting onto the Russian stage with an unpretentious composition "The wind blew from the sea" Natalie conquered everyone with her puppet appearance. Fascinating the audience with an open gaze of blue eyes, she performed her hit several times during the concert, the popularity of which could not be beaten by any of her other songs, including the playful "Cheburashka". Perhaps Natalie would have remained a beauty from the 90s, if in 2013 she had not recorded the hit “Oh God, what a man!”, Which returned her first places in various charts.

Tatiana Sorokka

The queen of vintage couture Tatiana Sorokka was one of the first Russian top models to showcase the clothes of famous fashion houses. With enviable regularity flashing on the covers of popular glossy magazines, Tatiana, at the age of 17, attracted the attention of French agents who invited her to try her hand in Paris. After some time, she went to the United States to study the history of fashion at the Academy of Arts, and decided to link her fate with this country. Now Tatiana acts as a fashion critic, writes columns in various fashion publications and collects antiques and haute couture outfits made by renowned 20th century fashion designers.

Larisa Verbitskaya

TV presenter Larisa Verbitskaya, who in the 90s greeted the Russians from the studio of the Good Morning program, has not yet lost her sophisticated beauty. Having started her career on Moldovan television, where she was the only female announcer, Larisa soon moved to Moscow, where she had to prove her professionalism anew. Having successfully coped with the task, she established herself on Channel One (ORT), remaining the host of one program longer than all her colleagues. Now she has left her regular work on TV, and as the deputy president of the League of Professional Image Makers, she is developing diets and speaking at workshops.

Yolanda Chen

Yolanda Chen, world champion in indoor triple jump, in whose veins Russian-Chinese blood flows, attracted attention to her person not only with high sports achievements, but also with captivating oriental beauty. After completing her performance in athletics, she made a successful television career, becoming a television commentator and host of sports programs. More than once recognized as a sex symbol of Russian TV, Yolanda, whose picture adorned the cover of Playboy magazine, was not afraid to experiment with her appearance, and still has not lost her charm.

Alexandra Petrova

At the age of 16, Alexandra Petrova, who became the owner of the title "Miss Russia - 1996", overnight became a star of TV shows, presentations and social gatherings. Not accepting offers for cooperation from foreign agencies, Maria returned to Cheboksary, and tied her fate with her common-law husband Konstantin Chuvilin, who was a member of an organized criminal group. During the next showdown between the bandits, Konstantin and his friend Radik Akhmetov were killed by a hitman who did not spare the incidental witness Alexandra Petrova, who did not live 2 days before her twentieth birthday.

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