Why Belousov And Vetlitskaya Divorced

Why Belousov And Vetlitskaya Divorced
Why Belousov And Vetlitskaya Divorced

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Friends of the artists remembered why the couple broke up.

The next release of the program "Hello, Andrey!" was dedicated to the singer Zhenya Belousov. He had thousands of female fans, whirlwind romances, creative perspectives - a bright but short life. Friends gathered in the studio who remembered a lot about the performer, including his marriage to Natalya Vetlitskaya.

Producer Marta Mogilevskaya was Evgeny's common-law wife for several years, while she in every possible way promoted her protege to the musical Olympus. At some point, the girl made a mistake by introducing her lover to her friend Natalia Vetlitskaya. Zhenya was immediately carried away by a colleague, and broke up with Marta.

According to mutual acquaintances, Zhenya was really deeply in love with Natalia. Bari Alibasov remembered how the couple signed on December 31 and vigorously celebrated the celebration in a rented apartment in the company of friends, but after nine days they divorced.

Belousov later explained the reason: both were artists, and he needed a wife, a housewife, who would be waiting for him in a cozy house, and not wandering around the cities herself. However, in fact, after the wedding, the singer went on tour with Integral, and when he returned, he learned about Vetlitskaya's betrayal.

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