Malakhov Brought Solntsev To Serov's Mistress

Malakhov Brought Solntsev To Serov's Mistress
Malakhov Brought Solntsev To Serov's Mistress

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Gauguin Solntsev and Daria Druzak met at a party. The stars of the infamous television project Dom-2 had a lot in common.

In one of the capital's karaoke clubs, producer Diana Bicharova, with whom the twice raped Diana Shurygina began to cooperate at one time, but the women soon parted, celebrated her birthday in the company of friends. So, singer Sergei Penkin, psychologist Natalya Tolstaya, former participant of "House-2" Stepan Menshchikov and many others came to congratulate the birthday girl.

Gauguin Solntsev and Daria Friends did not stand aside. Gauguin appeared alone. For several weeks now, he has been in a quarrel with his elderly wife, Ekaterina Tereshkovich, who, according to Gauguin, disgraced him all over the country when she started a dirty fight with her own daughter on Andrei Malakhov's Live Show.

By the way, on the same show of the famous TV presenter, Daria Druzyk became famous, reporting that she was expecting a child from the popular performer Alexander Serov. "Dom-2", "Live", Andrey Malakhov, problems in his personal life - it is not surprising that the party Gauguin and Daria were able to quickly find a common language.

Moreover, Solntsev and Druzyak exchanged glances and whispered, says Starhit. The publication expressed the opinion that the husband of the elderly Tereshkovich was clearly flirting with Serov's pregnant mistress. Earlier in an interview, Gauguin admitted that he was horrified by the behavior of his old wife.

"I think psychotropic drugs or alcohol intervened here. I can't say for sure about this. But a person cannot change that way. I think something affected her psyche. From a sweet girl, she turned into a demon-possessed person,"

- stated the upset Gauguin.

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