Everyone Turned Away From Me

Everyone Turned Away From Me
Everyone Turned Away From Me

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Irina Otieva disappeared from TV screens more than 10 years ago. She stopped performing on stage and seeing friends. As it turned out, the singer began to lead a reclusive lifestyle. She no longer teaches, but lives on a modest pension. For the first time in a long time, the artist gave an interview in the "Live" program. She harbored a grudge against her colleagues who stopped communicating with her when the star left TV, since she was no longer invited to perform.


“Everyone turned away from me. And Larissa (Valley), and Sands, and Serov and Krutoy. They all turned away. When I was at the peak, they all called, they all came, they walked here day and night. But as soon as I was removed … A new position just appeared then at the television, that it was necessary to clean up, clean up the old people. But the most interesting thing is that all the same muzzles stick out,”explained Irina.

Relatives say that Irina was shocked that no one came to the casino for her anniversary. She herself confirmed that then she was disappointed in people.

“I myself personally called Penkin, Serov, Lolochka - Lolita. Those with whom I was friends. Everyone said they would come, but only Nikas came with the picture. I waited for them until the last,”the artist recalled.



She did not hide that she was crying. She is sure that her friends and colleagues simply do not need her. Now the singer does not celebrate birthdays.

“I struck everyone off the list. Penkin called after almost 10 years and asked if I had forgiven him. I replied no. Serov called too. Only Lolita said an intelligible answer. At least she had the conscience to call and honestly admit that she had forgotten. And these are all - all, I can not see”, - explained Irina.

Sergei Penkin confirmed that he called his old friend because he missed it.

“She is disappointed in herself. This is terrible. I believe that Ira needs to get on her feet and start pursuing a career,”he said.

Friends and experts are sure that the artist needs help. She has become depressed and suffers from alcohol addiction.

“I was disappointed in everything. Everyone betrayed me in general. Grandparents betrayed when their father left. My own sister, my niece was betrayed. Father has betrayed,”said Irina.

According to her, she lives only for the 86-year-old mother and her daughter. Now the artist regrets that she did not follow in the footsteps of her parent and did not become a doctor.

For the sake of the singer, a friend of Otieva, stylist George Rovals, came from Paris to Andrei Malakhov's studio. He admitted that he had not seen the artist for a whole year.

“There is no such thing as her friendship. Everything was exchanged for money! This is all show business! I sounded the alarm, Tamara Gverdtsiteli, Diana Gurtskaya, and these other friends, they have no time,”said the stylist.

At some point, he switched to swearing, saying that in the modern world they praise Olga Buzova and other not talented people, and attract attention only with naked parts of the body. George took off his pants.

“I can show too, here!” - he was indignant.

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