What Is Known About Ninidze, Vitorgan's New Passion

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What Is Known About Ninidze, Vitorgan's New Passion
What Is Known About Ninidze, Vitorgan's New Passion

Rumors about the romance of 46-year-old Maxim Vitorgan and 27-year-old Nino Ninidze began to spread after the couple appeared together at the premiere of Yang Ge's film "Trinity" on the 20th of June. After that, they attended the premiere of the play "Land of Nod" together. In response to the rumors, Nino reminded the media about her divorce from Kirill Pletnev, adding that she did not want to discuss her personal life. In addition, gossip has not yet subsided around the separation of Vitorgan and TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak. We tell you what is known about the new beloved actor:

Difficult childhood in Georgia

Nino was born on July 13, 1991 into a creative family. Father - artist Mikhail Buchenkov, and mother - Georgian theater and film actress Iya Ninidze. The girl has an older brother George. My father left his family in the 90s. Iya raised the children alone. Later, Nino recalled that she grew up in a Georgian house, where there was no light, hot water and heating. ā€œI found out what batteries are only when we moved to Moscow, and by that time I was already 5 years old,ā€ the girl recalled.

The path to the cinema

Since childhood, Nino dreamed of an acting career, so she graduated from VGIK. She began acting in films while still a student. The first film with her participation was "Once Upon a Time in the Police", and later was "Duel" and other films. In 2-11, she starred with her mother in the movie "And there was no better brother." Nino played a young heroine, and Iya played her, but at an older age. Now the young actress has more than ten films on her account. The last work with her participation is the drama "Loyalty", which was part of the "Kinotavr-2019" program. The actress was awarded the prize for the best debut at the Kinoshock festival for her role in the film And there was no better brother. Also won the award of the East and West Film Festival. Classics and Avant-garde-2011 for Best Actress.


Nino was married to actor and director Kirill Pletnev. She met him while still at VGIK. The actress gave birth to a son to Cyril in 2016, but at that time they were not spouses. The couple got married only in 2019, but in the same year it became known about their divorce. "But at some point it becomes clear that further everyone needs to go their own way," - this is how Ninidze commented on the divorce. According to Pletnev, his wife's departure plunged him into depression.

Nino's novels

After the divorce from her husband Ninidze, many novels were attributed: for example, with the son of Sergei and Svetlana Bondarchuk, Sergei. It was rumored that because of him the girl decided to divorce. But rumors about the relationship of the star couple were not confirmed. Before relations with Pletnev, she met with actor Artem Dushkin, but the couple quickly broke up. Now the press is talking about the romance of Nino and Vitorgan. The actor congratulated his new passion on his 28th birthday by posting a touching photo of her in a story on his Instagram page. However, the artist later deleted it.



In addition to filming films, Nino also sings. She participated in the sixth season of The Voice, but did not pass the blind auditions. According to "AiF", the girl performs solo at jazz parties in one of the trendy clubs and bars in Moscow.

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