Yura Shatunov: Dollar Millionaire And Ideal Husband

Yura Shatunov: Dollar Millionaire And Ideal Husband
Yura Shatunov: Dollar Millionaire And Ideal Husband

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Shatunov is not a poor artist. “Yura has a luxurious apartment in Moscow, donated by Yuri Luzhkov,” Andrei Razin, the producer of Affectionate May, told us. In Russia, Shatunov happens on short visits - he comes on tour (rarely) and to reserves (more often). The artist's fee for one performance starts from 15 thousand (1.2 million rubles).

Yuri Shatunov is an artist who became the idol of millions thanks to his talent, "Affectionate May" and Andrei Razin. Although at the beginning of his life everything turned against him. The singer's family has long settled in Munich, Germany. With his wife Svetlana, Yuri is raising 12-year-old son Dennis and 5-year-old daughter Estella. In Munich, Yuri bought a large house. The son goes to school, the daughter goes to kindergarten, the wife takes care of the children and the household. Shatunov met Svetlana during a tour in a German hotel cafe. Since childhood, the girl lived in Germany and did not know anything about Yuri, although the work of "Tender May" was very popular among the Russian Germans. This hooked the musician.

Shatunov's German neighbors in an interview with NTV said that Yuri is an ideal husband and father: he could swaddle the kids himself, give a bottle with the mixture. And in general, he blows away dust particles from his wife and children.

“Getting me out of the house is generally unrealistic. Friends invite me somewhere, and I say: no, no, go yourself,”admits Yuri, for whom the best pastime is to be at home with his family.



About once a year, Yuri Shatunov releases a new song. The singer has equipped the studio right in his house. But, of course, customers ask to perform the classics: "White Roses", "Gray Night", "Pink Evening", etc.

Shatunov used to complain that, despite the popularity of the group, he remained a beggar. “Everybody made money on“Tender May”except me,” Shatunov was upset. A little over ten years ago, he filed a lawsuit against a former producer. Andrei Razin voluntarily admitted the claim and paid $ 10 million (681 million rubles) - this was the amount estimated for the work of Yuri Shatunov in "Tender May".

“I am glad that Yura has sued me,” Razin said. - Then the co-defendant attracted the bank, where his $ 10 million lay. I planned that Yura would receive three percent every year for 50 years. But when he got married and moved to Germany, he needed all the money at once. To which the bank said no. They say, there is a contract, and we will not terminate it. Therefore, I myself suggested that Yura sue me and bring the bank to co-defendants. I lost to him with success!"

So there can be no talk of any showdown between Razin and Shatunov. Soon after Yuri received money from Razin, he invited him to be the godfathers of his son - they are now godfathers.

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