Sasha Savelyeva Hides Her Belly

Sasha Savelyeva Hides Her Belly
Sasha Savelyeva Hides Her Belly

Video: Sasha Savelyeva Hides Her Belly

Video: Саша Савельева. Судьба человека с Борисом Корчевниковым @Россия 1 2022, December

Recently, a member of the Fabrika group, Alexandra Savelyeva, has rarely been published. And especially observant fans noticed that the artist began to give preference to loose outfits.

Alexandra Savelyeva is considered one of the most attractive performers in the domestic show business. In the "Factory" group, Sasha stands out for her bright, spectacular appearance - long blond hair and a slender figure. In Savelieva's personal life, everything is also stable: for eight years she has been happily married to actor Kirill Safonov.

They married in secret and later celebrated the event with friends and colleagues. Sasha and Cyril still remember with a smile how in 2010 they cheated the ubiquitous paparazzi. Since then, in the media every now and then there have been reports of an imminent addition to the family. By the way, Kirill has an adult daughter from a previous relationship, but Alexandra is still childless.

However, now there are rumors about Savelyeva's pregnancy again. It all started with the fact that journalists noticed how much the appearance of the singer at various social events decreased. Usually, the artist appeared regularly, demonstrating not only an incredibly slim figure, but also impeccable taste. Now Alexandra has literally disappeared.

However, if you carefully look at Savelyeva's official page on the Instagram social network, you can see that the popular performer still did not close at home. She continues to work, even goes out, but attends not at all mass events. And if you read the comments, you can see how especially observant fans are discussing the allegedly changed figure of Alexandra and her style in general.

Now Savelyeva prefers clothes that are loose at the waist or is photographed up to the waist or puts her hands on her stomach. As if hiding something, suspicious fans believe. Alexandra Savelyeva herself prefers not to comment on the fans' assumptions, which further provokes intrigue.

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