Star Children Who Appeared In Candid Photo Shoots

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Star Children Who Appeared In Candid Photo Shoots
Star Children Who Appeared In Candid Photo Shoots

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PR, transitional age crisis, body positive - what else can induce a young man or girl to take part in a nude photo shoot?

On Lily-Rose Depp's birthday (May 27, the daughter of Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp will celebrate her 20th birthday), we will remember the children of celebrities who did not hesitate to undress in front of the camera, and also try to understand what prompted them to sometimes provocative photo shoots.

Lily-Rose, daughter of Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp

Despite her young age, Lily is already a celebrity: she is the face of the Chanel brand, a Vogue model, an actress who played the main characters of the films "Dancer" and "Planetarium".

As you know, the main thing on the set is a beautiful and effective shot. Sometimes, for this you have to not only put on extravagant outfits, but also remain completely naked. Apparently, this does not bother Lily a bit, but on the contrary - it inspires.

In an interview for Elle magazine, Lily-Rose admitted that she is attracted to the role of a strange and free girl:

More than 20 thousand people have already subscribed to the Instagram of Slava's daughter, so perhaps, with the help of such impressive shots, the young actress attracts more and more new followers.

And on her 20th birthday, the girl shared an even more candid photo - on it Sasha appears in front of the fans in some sneakers!

Where is the mother looking, you ask. If we recall the fact that three years ago Slava rented an apartment for her daughter and her boyfriend, we dare to assume that the singer adheres to a liberal position in raising her daughter. And this is not surprising: Slava trusts Sasha, because the girl is serious about herself and her environment.

But not everyone around Ireland is inspired by this kind of pictures. For example, her father, who, of course, is subscribed to the Instagram of his eldest daughter, often reacts to candid photos of Ireland with a laconic “No!”.

But the mother of Ireland - the star of the movie "Nine and a half weeks" - seems to have nothing against the beautiful shots of her daughter. At least Kim herself has more of them in her portfolio.

Philip, son of Oleg Gazmanov

Several years ago, Philip began collaborating with photographer Alexander Mavrin, famous for erotic photo shoots.

And although the young man says that modeling for him is just a hobby and a way to make money, many fans note that this hobby is becoming more and more addictive to him. After all, Philip not only flies to photo shoots around the world, but also trains a lot in order to maintain a decent shape.

He has such a crazy figure, I am glad that he takes an example from me. You can see what it turned into on his Instagram, and I'm proud that he does it. He doesn't drink, doesn't smoke, he's a great guy. Yes, he is being photographed, and thank God, let him continue to do so,

- this is how Oleg Gazmanov spoke about his son's photographs in 2016 in an interview with the Russian News Service.

Actually, Philip continues to be photographed. And parents continue to like his photos. However, we too.

Olga, daughter of Larisa Guzeeva

"A feminine kid" - such a phrase comes to mind when you watch the transformations of Larisa Guzeeva's daughter. At first, Olga loved sports style, then the girl began to amaze the audience with extravagant images in the spirit of Ozzy Osbourne.

Well, when the daughter of a famous actress and TV presenter turned 17, fans were amazed at her erotic dance.

Later, Olga became interested in gothic and emo style: she pierced her nose, shaved her temples, pierced her ears in several places and began to wear black.

This is not to say that the star mother was delighted with her daughter's experiments. But, apparently, Larisa did not interfere and did not try to prohibit anything. And it looks like her tactics worked.

Now Olga looks very feminine.Moreover, the girl, like her mother, not so long ago changed their image - they became blondes. This is how they were first seen by the audience of Larisa Guzeeva's culinary show "Living Life".

Anastasia, daughter of Kirill Safonov

Here is a Russian girl who single-handedly conquered the modeling business in the United States. Several years ago, Anastasia moved to New York and soon signed a contract with the Wilhelmina Models modeling agency.

Like many previous heroines of our article, Nastya has to act without clothes. For example, her photo shoot for the Maxim publication amazed both fans and her father.

Kirill Safonov posted a photo of his daughter on his Instagram and proudly wrote:

With the hashtag #when the daughter is more beautiful than the sea, the actor definitely showed his attitude to his daughter's work and her beauty.

Clara, daughter of Ewan McGregor

The daughter of artist Yves Mavrakis and actor Ewan McGregor is growing up as an artistic person. Since childhood, the girl is fond of photography and is now studying to be a photographer at the New York Tisch School of the Arts.

Clara also tries herself as a model, and recently announced that she dreams of becoming an actress.

As a model and blogger, she often shares erotic photos on Instagram. And it seems that with these shots the girl not only shows her beauty, but also defends feminist views.

And in 2018, Anna completely changed not only her musical style, but also her appearance - the girl turned into a fatal vamp lady. Who knows, maybe a new photo shoot for a men's magazine is just around the corner.

Zoe Kravitz, daughter of Lenny Kravitz

Famous actress and feminist Zoe Kravitz has recently started posing for luxury brands. She starred as a model for Yves Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Alexander Wang, Dior, Kenzo and even became the face of the Opium YSL perfume.

It seems that it is the seductive images that Zoya loves most of all, because as a model she often appears half-naked.

For example, in 2018, the girl posed nude for the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. Thus, she repeated the shooting of her mother, actress Lisa Bonet, however, 30 years later.

I've always loved this cover! When I think about Rolling Stone, it is she who always pops into my head. This is an amazing shot of my mom!

- the young actress signed these shots.

After these pictures, it can be assumed that Lenny Kravitz and his ex-wife are calm about their daughter's emancipation.

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