Where Did The First "Star Factory" Take The Singers?

Where Did The First "Star Factory" Take The Singers?
Where Did The First "Star Factory" Take The Singers?

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A musical show of a unique format, a novelty in the Russian show business "Star Factory" was launched in autumn 2002. Then the reporting weekly concerts were an event for the television audience, and the tour of the young people caused an unprecedented excitement in the cities of the country. What are the participants in the show doing now, 16 years later?

1. Julia Buzhilova, 35 years old. He teaches vocals at the Igor Matvienko Academy.

2. Mikhail Grebenshchikov, 42 years old. He continues to perform and record albums, owns a production company.

3. Nikolay Burlak, 44 years old. Graduated from VGIK and became a director.

4. Ekaterina Shemyakina, 39 years old. She continued to perform on stage, but after marriage in 2015 and the birth of a child, she devoted herself to the family.

5. Anna Kulikova, 36 years old. She did not give up her singing career, she performed in clubs. Now he is engaged in the family.

6. Group "Factory". The first line-up included Maria Alalykina, Irina Toneva, Sati Kazanova and Alexandra Savelyeva. Alalykina left the group after the first tour, got married and converted to Islam. Later, the marriage broke up, now the 35-year-old girl maintains a blog and is engaged in translating texts for Islamists. Sati Casanova left the group in 2010 and began a solo career. In October 2017, 35-year-old Casanova got married. Alexandra Savelyeva still performs as a member of the group, since 2010 34-year-old Savelyeva has been married to actor Kirill Safonov. Irina Toneva is also still a soloist of "Factory", has tried herself in the cinema, and has recently been engaged in a solo project. 40-year-old Toneva is married to a dancer from Ukraine.

7. Group "Roots". After the "Star Factory" the group included Alexander Astashenok, Alexander Berdnikov, Pavel Artemiev, Alexey Kabanov. Alexander Astashenok left the team in 2010, graduated from the acting department of GITIS and took up a theatrical career. Now 36-year-old Astashenok is married, writes songs and acts in films. Pavel Artemiev also left in 2010, taking up a solo project. Even today he performs as a singer, and also plays in performances. Artemyev is 35 years old. Alexander Berdnikov is still a member of the "Roots" group. Berdnikov, 37, has a burger shop in the capital. Since 2008 Berdnikov has been married with 4 children. Alexey Kabanov still sings in the band. 35-year-old Kabanov is married and has a daughter.

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