Malakhov Splashes In The Pool With Fedunkiv

Malakhov Splashes In The Pool With Fedunkiv
Malakhov Splashes In The Pool With Fedunkiv

Video: Malakhov Splashes In The Pool With Fedunkiv

Video: Как живет Марина Федункив и сколько она зарабатывает Нам и не снилось 2022, November

The popular TV presenter posted a provocative photo on his Instagram page.

In the picture taken in the pool, he is holding in his arms Marina Fedunkiv, mother of Kolyan from "Real Boys" and the star of Comedy Woman. A special intrigue is created by the hashtag #natashaparity. Recall that Andrei Malakhov is married to Natalya Shkuleva, publisher of the Russian version of ELLE magazine and the daughter of media mogul Viktor Shkulev. The same media holding publishes the Starhit magazine, the editor-in-chief of which is Malakhov.

The photograph caused a stir among Malakhov's subscribers, and a little later a video appeared, which was published by Marina Fedunkiv on her page in the same Instagram.

The video is stylized as a news release and begins with a splash screen with the words "Sensation". Then Marina announces that Malakhov has divorced his wife and now they have a wedding, they shout "Bitter!", And then they have fun in the pool to the song of Serov "I love you".

Some subscribers admitted that they would like to believe in the veracity of what is happening, but Marina's more knowledgeable fans explained what was the matter.

"Got stuck! To be honest - very unexpected and of course, my brain exploded … so I want to believe in your fairy tales !!!"

"Marina finally has a husband … and Andrey is free))) this is just a joke, as always … Marinka is a big joker"

"Marinochka, brilliant as always !!"

"You, Marina, are the best blogger, young, positive. I love you !!!"

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