Ksenofontova: "This Will Be A Show Trial"

Ksenofontova: "This Will Be A Show Trial"
Ksenofontova: "This Will Be A Show Trial"

Video: Ksenofontova: "This Will Be A Show Trial"

Video: Елена Ксенофонтова. Прямой эфир Instagram 16.04.2020 г. 2022, December

The actress of the series "Kitchen" Elena Ksenofontova in her Instagram spoke about the accident, which was arranged by the actor Mikhail Efremov and as a result of which one person died.

“I don’t want to shift the responsibility to those people who drank with Mikhail Efremov that evening and let him go drunk in their own car,” Ksenofontova said. “But they must be aware of their responsibility. I understand, of course. "Let Misha go, it's not the first time, it's so long ago." No. This shouldn't have happened if you're friends. If you are such great friends. Mikhail Efremov, I am convinced of this, did not drive to kill a person. And now, when he realized and understood what happened, I think that he has already punished himself three times and will punish himself a thousand more times. He will never forgive himself for this. Never! I am not making excuses for his deed, no. He must be punished, yes. And believe me, this time our justice machine will work oh so seriously! Not when the major boys kill dozens of people, children and women, and they are quickly discouraged. Not when the deputies do it. And now, when there is no one to be afraid of. This will be a show trial. I am not making excuses. But I want to understand: people, when you throw stones at others, do you understand that you are not gods? Do you understand that you are not holy?

On Monday evening, June 8, actor Mikhail Efremov caused a serious accident in the center of Moscow - on Smolenskaya Square. The actor was drunk, his car at high speed crossed a double continuous line, drove into the oncoming lane and crashed into a van.

The driver of the van, Sergei Zakharov, was seriously injured: the victim was diagnosed with a fractured ribs on both sides, a fracture of the cervical spine, a fracture of the hip, a closed craniocerebral injury and injuries of internal organs. He died on Tuesday morning in the hospital. Efremov himself was not seriously injured.

Before Zakharov's death, Efremov was released on recognizance not to leave, but later the case was re-qualified. The Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Moscow on its official website reports that a decision has been made to retrain for the heavier part of the article of the criminal case. Under Part 4 of Art. 264 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, he faces a prison term of 5 to 12 years. Following the meeting of the Tagansky court, the artist received two months of house arrest.

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