Mikhail Tserishenko: "For The Dirt About The Divorce From Katya Semenova I Was Promised A Million"

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Mikhail Tserishenko: "For The Dirt About The Divorce From Katya Semenova I Was Promised A Million"
Mikhail Tserishenko: "For The Dirt About The Divorce From Katya Semenova I Was Promised A Million"

Video: Mikhail Tserishenko: "For The Dirt About The Divorce From Katya Semenova I Was Promised A Million"

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This year, pop artist, star of the TV program "Crooked Mirror" Mikhail Tserishenko will celebrate his 60th birthday. During a frank conversation with a comedian on the eve of a round date, it seemed to me that in every phrase he was sending a secret message to his ex-wife, the famous singer Ekaterina Semyonova, begging for forgiveness. A couple of years ago, they divorced after 25 years of marriage: Katya caught the faithful of base treason. Life is a difficult thing, we are all wrong, and I really want to believe that Tserishenko and Semenova will still be able to start everything from scratch.

Mikhail, how do you plan to celebrate the anniversary?

- There is still time to think, but the last two years the mood is not very good. I know myself that I am very guilty. Anniversaries were invented by friends, artists use them as an excuse for concerts. And on this day I want to be with my mother, she lives in Ukraine, where now it is not so easy to get. And I don’t want to sum up the results. I am young and beautiful, and I have everything ahead of me.

What gifts are you waiting for?

- I'm not really looking forward to anything. I got the most memorable ones in my childhood. For example, for the third birthday, dad presented a toy fire truck. And when he grew up, he got a snow plow and a motorcycle. By the way, Katya (Semyonova - Ya. G.) gave me a bike so that he could move around Moscow faster in the summer. On a tour in Israel, a woman with a child presented a plastic bear with a light bulb inside. Apparently, the baby parted with the most precious thing he had for my sake. And in Belarus, after the concert, the pensioner also barely brought me to tears. She said that she had no money for flowers, but she baked pies with cabbage. To keep them warm, grandmother kept them in her bosom throughout the concert.

Would you have moved to Moscow almost 30 years ago, if not for your marriage to Ekaterina Semenova?

- I never even thought about moving from my native Kiev. Although since childhood I dreamed of acting and hoped that I would be in demand in the profession. One day my father came home from work, turned on the TV, decided to eat with it, but there was absolutely nothing to watch. I then firmly decided that someday I would start performing, my dad would look at me on the TV and laugh. But even before that, during the summer shift at the sports camp, I showed my talents from the stage. My father was a coach (my parents are sports gymnasts) and witnessed my debut. He helped with his presence and was very happy about my successes. And then, in 1992, on the set of the film "Paid in advance" I met Katya and moved to Moscow.

Are you glad when they recognize you on the street now?

- I would like not to know at certain moments. When, for example, I am sitting in a restaurant and all thoughts are about food. Although I do not refuse to take a selfie and an autograph even to drunk citizens. And recently I went to Mosenergo to investigate and was saddened that no one paid attention to me. I spent eight hours in this fantastic place: in a huge line of girls of deep retirement age, alas, there were no fans of mine.

Korchevnikov finished himself off

But you have three marriages behind you

- My parents lived together for 63 years. Not so long ago, my father passed away, my mother is now alone.

Surely they also had difficulties that I did not know about and will never know. For me, my divorce from Katya became my own foolishness. Yes, and other moments did not teach anything. The first marriage with the Ukrainian actress Inna Kapinos was easy, student and lasted three years. Finished studying, and love passed. I saw Inna at the anniversary of our teacher 35 years later, she has a different family for a long time and everything is fine.



As a result of the division of property, Mikhail got a dacha, a car and a motorcycle.

My second wife was a girl with an unusual name for a Russian person, Lilian. She worked as a costume designer at the Kiev Variety Theater, where I served at that time.Our son Viktor, who is now working on Ukrainian TV, will soon be 33 years old. He is not yet married and has not made me a grandfather. Lillian wanted a more prosperous life, constancy, I could not give it, and we parted. And then I met Katya Semenova

To be honest, at first I perceived your divorce from the singer as black PR. Until recently, I did not believe that you were cheating on her with a 50-year-old little-known artist Natalya Sedykh

- So it happened. Since the Sedykhs, we haven't seen each other for a long time, and I think we'll never see each other. I didn't even go on talk shows to discuss our situation, although there were very high-paying offers to talk about divorce and treason. They could have paid a million for such revelations. But then how to live with this dirt and look mom in the eyes? Only to Boris Korchevnikov on "The Fate of a Man" did he dare to go in order to put an end to it and finish off himself. Of course, money is important for everyone, but there are such things that, even if you die of hunger, you will not want to waste it. I have a great sense of guilt in front of Katya, I really miss her and wish all the best and brightest. Believe me, she deserves it. For a lot of money, I am regularly invited to talk about the divorce of my former boss at the Krivoye Mirror Theater Petrosyan and Elena Stepanenko. But I am absolutely incapable of this stupidity and meanness.

Do you dream of getting married again and having a child following the example of Emmanuel Vitorgan, who again became a father at the age of 80?

- Of course not. Marrying at my age will cause talk not about my amorous character, but about liquefied brains. I don’t want children either. Otherwise, my child will be ashamed: because I am more like a grandfather than a father, like. With Katya, we didn't have common children. She has a son, and mine too, they worked a lot, somehow it was not up to that. Now I live in a dacha - Ekaterina has left her Moscow apartment. Katya has always meant and means a lot to me. Once saved my life. The pressure jumped under 220, I lost consciousness, and if she hadn't been there, I don't know if I would have been talking to you now.

What do you have on your personal front?

- Nothing. Thank God there is work. Maybe not as much as I would like, but this is the straw that I desperately grasp. Otherwise I would have lost my mind, but I hope I'm still too early.

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