Tsarikati Spoke About The Fourth Child Of Vitorgan

Tsarikati Spoke About The Fourth Child Of Vitorgan
Tsarikati Spoke About The Fourth Child Of Vitorgan

Video: Tsarikati Spoke About The Fourth Child Of Vitorgan

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Emmanuel Vitorgan and his wife Irina Mlodik amazed everyone when in February 2018 it became known that their daughter Ethel was born. Then the beloved actor assured that despite her mature age, she decided to give birth to a child herself. No one could even imagine that they would become parents again. On the night of August 28, 79-year-old Vitorgan shared the good news that he had another girl.

On the social network, he shared a touching photo where he poses with his 57-year-old wife, grown up Eteri and newborn Clara. The younger heiress Emmanuel Gedeonovich named after his mother. As it turned out, no one knew that a replenishment was coming in the family. Katya Lel, Vladimir Brilev and other friends of the couple congratulated them on the birth of their daughter. The Teleprogramma.pro correspondent contacted Vitorgan's close friend, pop singer, Felix Tsarikati. He, too, did not hide that he was happy for the spouses.

“My God, what happiness! A boy or a girl?”The singer exclaimed.

He admitted that he recently found out that his friend is preparing to become a father again.

“They kept everything a secret. The only thing was that the information passed when she was looking for a nanny for a newborn child. And they no longer have a newborn girl, Ethel. I began to call them, but they clearly did not answer me clearly. Probably, they were afraid to jinx it or something else. I dont know. Just a few days ago, I learned from Ekaterina Klishina, an accordion player, that they were expecting another child. But I didn't know if it was a girl or a boy,”said the baritone.

He believes, like many fans, that Irina Mlodik resorted to the services of a surrogate mother. However, Tsarikati noted that he did not know the details. He also stressed that Emmanuel Gedeonovich did the right thing by deciding to have another baby. The singer is sure that in the future there will be someone to take care of the children. At least they have an older sister, Ksenia, from Vitorgan's first marriage, and a brother, Maxim, from Alla Balter.

"I am very happy. Deciding to give birth to another child at 79 is, of course, a feat. I believe this is correct. They had a daughter. Now she will grow up. She needs a brother or sister. In any case, he has a son, grandchildren, daughters, and Irinka is relatively young, so having children is only a plus,”said Felix Viktorovich.

He admitted that he did not rule out that he would follow the example of a friend and also become a father with many children. He is now 54 years old and has two daughters.

Have you decided to become parents in adulthood?

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