Sedokova, Gracheva And Others: Which Of The Stars Is Preparing For The Wedding

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Sedokova, Gracheva And Others: Which Of The Stars Is Preparing For The Wedding
Sedokova, Gracheva And Others: Which Of The Stars Is Preparing For The Wedding

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Video: Жена бойфренда Анны Седоковой заявила, что Седакова УВЕЛА баскетболиста из семьи 2022, November

Summer is the time of stellar romances, autumn is the time for celebrity weddings. Which artist and media persona will become a husband or wife in the near future? Express newspaper tells about the imminent weddings of Anna Sedokova, Margarita Gracheva, son of Valeria and others.

Future weddings of stars: Anna Sedokova

July for Anna Sedokova turned out to be a festive one: her beloved Janis Timma celebrated her birthday on the 2nd, after 2.5 weeks the artist threw a party in honor of the 9th birthday of her daughter Monika, and at the end of the month she turned out to be the main heroine of the joyful event herself - the singer received a marriage proposal …

Together with friends, Sedokwa and Timma went for a ride on a yacht - during a walk, the basketball player called Anna in marriage. Not without incidents: the boat broke, then the rain charged. But the main thing is that the artist said "Yes" and is preparing for a new wedding.

Future weddings of stars: Margarita Gracheva

Margarita became the heroine of the show, a writer and a famous person because of the terrible tragedy: at the end of 2017, her husband cut off her hands, suspecting infidelity. Dmitry received 14 years in prison, and Rita, left with two children, began a new life - and is preparing to marry a second time.

Gracheva told about the changes in her personal life last fall: yes, there is a man, yes, he made an offer, yes, she answered with consent. “There will be a wedding. But not this year,”the girl replied to the rumors.

The time has come: Margarita Gracheva will wear the bride's dress again this September. By the way, the outfit has already been chosen - as well as the restaurant, where a modest celebration will take place.

“It will be in the family circle, in the circle of friends. I hope that the virus does not spoil all my plans, and everything will work out. Everything is almost ready, now we are just waiting for information from restaurants, '' Gracheva revealed the details of the wedding to Channel Five and explained why she was not afraid of relationships after the horror she experienced. - Judging by one man the entire male sex … I understood that this is impossible. Personally, I got out of it myself. Of course, I had great support from relatives and friends. There was simply tremendous help from people I did not know!"

Future weddings of stars: Natalia Vodianova

The supermodel, in her own words, did not yearn to get married: with Antoine Arnault, she lived in a de facto marriage since 2011. Why? “We already feel each other as one family. If all is well, why change something?”, The couple explained. But nevertheless, she decided to marry: Natalya appeared with a ring on her finger last New Year and said that she had received an offer from Arno in Russian.

The wedding was planned for the summer, but was canceled due to the pandemic - Vodianova and her adorers have to wait again. Although the preparation was already in full swing. The lovers planned to invite 300 friends and family, get married in the Abbey of Saint-Pierre-d'Auilleur and continue the evening with dinner at the Ruinart house. And even the dress was ordered - inspired by the image of Grace Kelly. But the fittings, like the wedding of Natalia Vodianova, were postponed for a year. Looking forward to the summer of 2021!

Future weddings of stars: son of Valeria

Valeria can be proud and happy - her beloved sons, as they say, are attached. The eldest son Artemy married the "metallurgical princess" last summer, and the youngest Arseny is about to become a husband - the other day he proposed to his beloved Liana.

As the romantic event took place, the guy reported on Instagram. A meeting on the upper floors of Moscow City, a running line with an exciting question, the expected consent, fireworks in honor of the engagement - all this is captured on video. And as for the wedding, Arseny Shulgin does not plan to delay with her: the celebration will take place in August or September, the future young people themselves are engaged in the preparation - they categorically rejected the financial assistance of their relatives.

Future weddings of stars: Stepan Menshchikov

43-year-old participant of "House-2" and its new reincarnation "House-2.Save your love”became a husband for the second time. In July, Stepan signed with his beloved Angelina Monk, with whom he has been close since the end of last year, from a vacation on the shores of the Gulf of Thailand. Why such a rush? The couple is expecting a child - the baby will become the third for both the TV star and his companion (each of the newly-made spouses has children from past relationships).

Menshchikov and Monk went to the registry office, but the wedding was not arranged due to the position of the bride - it is planned for September and promises to be large-scale.

“We are planning to hold a wedding in the Russian traditions of the turn of the XX-XXI centuries, stylized as a noble ball. We will have three horses harnessed to a brightly decorated carriage, and even a bear meeting dear guests with a tray of vodka, and an orchestra with gipsy songs. And also a rich banquet, congratulations and gifts, performances of pop stars and dances”, - Menshchikov shares with Womanhit.

Future weddings of stars: Dina Nemtsova

The youngest bride in our material is the daughter of the late politician Boris Nemtsov. Dina, barely stepping over the threshold of majority, received an offer from Dmitry's 20-year-old boyfriend - and agreed to become his wife. Next year - when, as the girl hopes, there will be no masks and fears of getting sick.

In the meantime, the brunette wears a modest ring on her finger, tries on wedding dresses and answers the reproaches "why marry such a young woman?" Firstly, Dina counters, she and her boyfriend have been together for three years, and secondly, her mother insists - Ekaterina Odintsova strongly advises against living together without registering a marriage.

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