Polina Gagarina Admitted That She Copes With Her One-year-old Daughter Without The Help Of Nannies

Polina Gagarina Admitted That She Copes With Her One-year-old Daughter Without The Help Of Nannies
Polina Gagarina Admitted That She Copes With Her One-year-old Daughter Without The Help Of Nannies

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The artist will never exchange a social event for communication with children.

The famous singer Polina Gagarina admitted that she manages to be a good mother, wife and performer. The star devotes all her free time to children. Polina Gagarina copes with her one-year-old daughter herself and does not need a nanny. She reported this to the StarHit edition.

It's too early for her to go to kindergarten. So I seem to cope with my daughter, and they say that it's not bad,

- said the singer in the conversation.

By the way, Polina Gagarina recently explained why she would not send her children to study abroad. The famous singer told her fans in detail what kind of education she wants to give her son and daughter. In the magazine "OK!" a great interview with the artist was released, in which she frankly answered many questions. By the way, Polina Gagarina boasted in advance that she and her 10-year-old son appeared on the cover of OK! Magazine. And the star mother said that her husband Dmitry Iskhakov took pictures of them.

“Mom’s copy ️”, “God, what are you wonderful ️”, “What a handsome boy. Happiness to your family "," Andrey, Andrey, heartthrob)) "," So beautiful "," Polina, look gorgeous with your son, he looks like you, just class "," Eyes That's the time! Andriusha is still so small I remember”,“Beautiful ️And what Andrei is already an adult! This look! "," Lovely mother and son. Ondrik has your eyes, Pauline, "commented the singer's fans in Insagram.

It turned out that Polina Gagarina is not going to send her children to study abroad. The star mom is sure that such separation from her parents will not lead to anything good.

I am opposed to weaning children from their parents and giving them such freedom at a young age. In most cases, it ends badly enough. It is very important for me to see my family by my side, to watch how the children grow up. This is great happiness. And I can't go on tour for more than two or three days. Then a wild longing sets in and I just can't function

- Polina Gagarina explained her position.

At the same time, the star mother is not going to limit her son's freedom in choosing a university. Although Polina Gagarina named one "undesirable" institution.

For me, "education" is equal to "discipline." Any education. And it must be there. This will organize your life for four to five years, regardless of which institution is chosen and what your motivation is. You automatically transfer this model to your life. This is especially important for boys. For them it is a law, a necessity. Therefore, I tell my son: "Choose any institute, except for theatrical",

- the singer shared with the fans.

Polina Gagarina explained why she doesn't want her son to choose such a creative profession. “In the theater, you have to not just work, you have to live there. It's like a camp, only you come home for the night. But this is also a certain discipline. Being creative doesn't mean binge. I myself graduated from the Moscow Art Theater School - and I am almost never late. Only if there is some kind of collapse. She is always ready to work, in whatever state she is. Preparedness is very important. I would like Andryusha to choose something mundane, not hovering in the clouds,”shared the star mom.

Recall that Polina Gagarina has been married to photographer Dmitry Iskhakov since 2014. The family has two children. The singer gave birth to a daughter on April 26 last year. The baby was named Mia. Andrei was born in the singer's first marriage with actor Pyotr Kislov.

By the way, Polina Gagarina recently published a photo of a beautiful mother. The singer touchingly congratulated her loved one on her birthday, wishing her good health.

Today is the birthday of the main woman of my life, my mommy ️ Mom, be healthy always, the rest is on us,

- Polina Gagarina wrote with tenderness.

“Your mom is very beautiful! Health and happiness to her! Happy Birthday"; “Polina, that's who you are so beautiful in. Happiness and health to your mother "; “The genes are immediately visible. There is someone to be so beautiful”; “How you do not look like her! The same beauty!”; "You are a copy mom"; "Polina, you have a very beautiful mother!" - write fans of the singer.

Note that Gagarina's mother was a professional dancer in her youth. When little Polina was four years old, Ekaterina Muchkaeva was offered a job in the troupe of the Greek ballet. The woman agreed and moved to Athens with her daughter. Polina went to first grade in Greece, but after the summer holidays, her grandmother took her to her in Saratov.

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