Gagarina Horrified And Disappointed Fans

Gagarina Horrified And Disappointed Fans
Gagarina Horrified And Disappointed Fans

Video: Gagarina Horrified And Disappointed Fans

Video: Our first time to react to POLINA GAGARINA | Полӣна Гагӑрина "Спектакль Окончен” ‘The play is over’ 2022, December

Polina Gagarina was lucky, because her husband is a photographer, which means that in his lens she can always be beautiful. And the couple, of course, take advantage of this: Polina and Dmitry Iskhakov are constantly experimenting with images.

But sometimes Iskhakov's desire to photograph his wife more beautifully leads to unexpected results. So, recently on the set in Portugal, Gagarina almost died when she was swept by an ocean wave. Fortunately, Dmitry had the strength to pull his beloved out of the abyss.

And now the singer has posted a photo on the microblogging in which her face is hiding material that looks very much like a package.

Gagarina offered to evaluate the idea, and the followers did not appreciate it. Among the comments left, there is a lot of such a plan:

"Horrible photo".

"Polina, you disappointed me!"

"Of course, you should think to put bags on the head of the children, crazy people!"

"Creepy … reminiscent of Laura Palmer from Twin Peaks …"

"I won't listen to Gagarina anymore !!!"

"The first thing that comes to mind … Polyethylene, suffocation, death … Tin is shorter"

"Looks like a corpse in a bag."

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