Our Stars Who Almost Lost Their Lives

Our Stars Who Almost Lost Their Lives
Our Stars Who Almost Lost Their Lives

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Actor Nikolai Rybnikov, in his student years, fell in love with the beautiful Alla Larionova. Alla was already a star and immediately made it clear to the student that he was not interested in him. Nikolai repeatedly explained his love to Larionova, but every time he was refused. At some point, Nikolai, tired of unrequited love, decided to commit suicide. His comrades literally pulled him out of the loop, and director Sergei Gerasimov, on whose course Nikolai was studying, helped him to come to his senses. In the end, Rybnikov's persistence did its job: the unapproachable beauty Alla Larionova saw in him a real man, married him and lived with him until his death. Nikolai Rybnikov no longer had to think about suicide.

But what other domestic stars were on the verge of death.

1. Natalya Bondarchuk, during the filming of Solaris, had an affair with director Andrei Tarkovsky. Both she and her lover were not free, so Natalya, realizing that parting was inevitable, opened her veins. Fortunately, her friends managed to save her.

2. Lyudmila Chursina tried for a long time to wean the wife of the director Vladimir Fetin. Neither persuasion nor scandals helped. Lyudmila left her husband several times, but returned. Having made the final decision to end the relationship, the actress realized that life had lost its meaning for her and intended to commit suicide by jumping from a bridge. She was saved by a taxi driver who was passing by.

3. Stas Zhdanko in the seventies met one of the brightest beauties of Soviet cinema, Valentina Malyavina. Valentina was 12 years older, but this did not stop her from having a dizzying romance. But Stas was jealous, and Valentina was not averse to drinking, and the man did not like it very much. He repeatedly threatened her that he would commit suicide if the beloved did not stop abusing alcohol. And somehow he made the threat come true.

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