Yakubovich's Daughter Spoke About Her Father's Well-being

Yakubovich's Daughter Spoke About Her Father's Well-being
Yakubovich's Daughter Spoke About Her Father's Well-being

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She lamented that parents should no longer be allowed to travel alone.

Famous Russian actor, screenwriter, producer and host of the TV show "Field of Miracles" and "I Can!" Leonid Yakubovich is a happy husband and father of two children. Unfortunately, recently a popular TV presenter was noticed in a wheelchair. Later it became known that Leonid Yakubovich simply injured his leg on vacation, and nothing terrible happened. And the other day the TV presenter's daughter, 21-year-old Varvara, gave a short interview in which she told how her dad feels now.

Already, even on vacation, you cannot send them together with your mother. You know, as in the "Diamond Hand", "stumbled, fell, lost consciousness, woke up - plaster cast." I have no idea how I had to get out of the pool so as not to break my leg. Apparently, we have to be able to do it in the family. He's all right now, don't worry

- Varvara explained to the StarHit edition.

She added that she sometimes has conflicts with her father, but they always manage to be resolved peacefully.

By the way, the girl notes that the popularity of her dad does not bother her at all, but she is in no hurry to use it.

She bypasses me for now. Dad is popular, not me. I have never been interested in bragging about other people's achievements. Yes, I am Yakubovich's daughter, so what? In my opinion, it is much more pleasant to be proud of what you have achieved yourself,

- Varvara is sure.

By the way, the girl is now studying for a master's degree at MGIMO at the Faculty of International Journalism. He does not make plans for the future yet. Varvara dreams of being happy and doing what she likes. In the meantime, the daughter of the TV presenter is fond of cosplay - she dresses up in the same way as the heroes of her favorite films and works.

“As for how many people in our country perceive cosplay … It's sad. It is sad that a person does what he loves, pays tribute to literary works or films, puts his soul into creating a costume, wig, make-up, and the image as a whole, and someone will still find in all this something vile, unacceptable and funny … How should we treat this? No way. I like cosplay, I have been doing it since 2016, I met many interesting guys. I don’t even know what is wrong with such a hobby”,

- she said.

Recall that the TV presenter is now married to Marina Yakubovich. Together with his wife, they raised two children - Varvara and Artyom. They are also happy to take care of their granddaughter Sophia, who is already 18 years old. Note that Artem was born in 1973, and therefore has already managed not only to grow up, but also to make his father a grandfather. In October 2000, his daughter Sophia was born. A year ago, Leonid Yakubovich admitted that he was not very involved in raising an older child and did not know how such a wonderful son grew up with him.

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