Fatal Mistake: Russian Stars Who Have Committed Fatal Accidents

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Fatal Mistake: Russian Stars Who Have Committed Fatal Accidents
Fatal Mistake: Russian Stars Who Have Committed Fatal Accidents

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WomanHit.ru recalls the well-known cases of a car collision that resulted in the death of people.

Until now, the scandal around the incident with the actor Mikhail Efremov does not subside. Recall: a man while driving drunk while driving an SUV collided with a car, the driver of which later died from his injuries. The star first said that he would accept all the blame, and later decided to offer financial compensation to the family. The events of this story are developing rapidly - we will learn about its result after a while. In the meantime, let's remember which other celebrities got into similar situations.

Julia Rainer

A participant in the "Voice" show in February last year knocked down a taxi driver on the Leningradskoye Highway in Moscow and fled the scene. The man noticed a car breakdown, stopped on the road and got out of it to check the malfunction. At this time, a star rushing by a car hit him. The woman's identity was later identified, and she was punished for the violation.

Konstantin Meladze

In December 2012, in the Kiev region, the producer's car hit a local resident - 30-year-old nurse Anna Pischalo.

Meladze entered into a pre-trial agreement with the relatives of the deceased, undertaking obligations to support her two minor children until they reach 18 years of age.

During the year, there was a trial in a criminal case: at first, representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine claimed that a man could get a real term, but later the court ruled that there was no mistake in Meladze's behavior while driving - the producer was acquitted.

Leonid Yakubovich

In 2001, in the Moscow region, the presenter knocked down 30-year-old Sergei Nikitenko, who, as the investigation established, was crossing the road at a red light. The man was acquitted, since there were no mistakes in his actions - the presenter would not have time to slow down due to a sudden interference, since he was only picking up speed after the traffic light. By the way, Yakubovich said that he was ready to provide assistance to Mikhail Efremov if he needed it, writes the Daily Storm.

Luka Zatravkin

The son of artist Nikas Safronov in March 2016 knocked down a 78-year-old resident of Moscow who was crossing the road. According to the traffic police, the pensioner crossed the intersection at a red traffic light. All charges were dropped from the man during the trial.

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